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Rez-Free API (for Premium version)
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Introduction / What's In The Box?
Feature List
What's New
New User Quick Start
Complete User Manual
Bots for Invites & Ejects
Setting Up METAbolt Bot
Setting Up SmartBots Bot
Configuration Options (draft in progress)
Configuring Your Units
Configuring States
Configuring Textures
Configuring the Door & Sign
Creating/Resetting Your CasperLet Account Password
Customising Rental Units
Discounts in CasperLet
Hippo Migration Toolkit
Mapper Table
Notecard Delivery
Pay Buttons & Proper Setup
Prim Counter
Scripted Autoreturn
Profit Sharing Options
Rental Management
Adding CasperLet Managers
Managing Rental Units
Managing Tenants
Rental Office Setup Notes
Transfer Tenant Information
Rental Vendor Integration
Scanning for Rental Units
Touch (Popup) Menu Options
Transporter Link
Troubleshooting Unit Configuration
General CasperLet FAQ
Rental Unit API

CasperLet Third-Party Addon Information

Conover Land Orb

Conover Land Orb (A security orb with CasperLet integration)
NOTE: If you have trouble with the Conover orb constantly resetting every time you click the rental unit, follow the instructions for the description field, as outlined here.


Introduction / What's In The Box?     ( in Deutsch )
Feature List     ( in Deutsch )
What's New     ( in Deutsch )
New User Quick Start     ( in Deutsch )
Complete User Manual     ( in Deutsch )
Affiliate Vendors     ( in Deutsch )
Information For Affiliates     ( in Deutsch )
Bots for Deliveries     ( in Deutsch )
Bots for Group Invites     ( in Deutsch )
Setting Up METAbolt Bot     ( in Deutsch )
Setting Up SmartBots Bot     ( in Deutsch )
Customising Vendors     ( in Deutsch )
Customisation Service     ( in Deutsch )
Creating Your Product Listings     ( in Deutsch )
Configuring Your Vendors to Sell Products     ( in Deutsch )
Creating/Resetting Your CasperVend² Account Password     ( in Deutsch )
Delivery Issues Flowchart
Discounts & Sales     ( Rabatte in Deutsch )
DropBoxes     ( in Deutsch )
Event Vendor Script
Gatcha!     ( in Deutsch )
Gift cards     ( in Deutsch )
Gifts & Gift Boxes     ( in Deutsch )
Gifting Options     ( in Deutsch )
Holovendors     ( in Deutsch )
Loyalty Rewards     ( in Deutsch )
Lucky Chair     ( in Deutsch )
Marketplace ANS tracking     ( in Deutsch )
Midnight Madness     ( in Deutsch )
Panic Button     ( in Deutsch )
Product Options / Configuration     ( in Deutsch )
Product Licenses     ( in Deutsch )
Product Updates, Sending     ( in Deutsch )
Profiles & Groups     ( in Deutsch )
Profit Sharing     ( in Deutsch )
Quantity Vendor     ( in Deutsch )
Redeliveries     ( in Deutsch )
Sales Data Import     ( in Deutsch )
Scanning for Vendors
"Search" function on vendors     ( in Deutsch )
Selling Limited Availability Items     ( in Deutsch )
Selling Limited Edition Items     ( in Deutsch )
Set Up Multiple Locations, Fast!     ( in Deutsch )
Sounds on the vendor     ( in Deutsch )
Texture Vendors     ( in Deutsch )
Transaction Logs & Deliveries     ( in Deutsch )
Vendor Configuration Options     ( in Deutsch )
Video Playback     ( in Deutsch )
General CasperVend² FAQ     ( in Deutsch )
Vendor API     ( in Deutsch )

Other Information

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Marketplace - Compare SL vs. MP Transactions
SL Forum Post #1 about unpaid transactions
SL Forum Post #2 about unpaid transactions
Marketplace Tidy Script (for Chrome & Firefox)
Net Neutrality, What It's All About
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