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When you look at the vendor management screen for each vendor, you will see the following items on the page. These options operate on a PER VENDOR basis.

Vendor Name

This is what the vendor is named INWORLD.

Display Name

This is what's shown in the WEBSITE vendor list, and is not used inworld.


This shows you which sim/region the vendor is in. It is a clickable link that you can use to teleport to it. (Whether you can click or have to copy/paste will depend on your system setup.)


This tells you the version group and vendor type.


This shows the profile the vendor is currently set to.

If the vendor is set to a single product, this space here will say:
If it currently says 'profile disabled..." and you need to set it to a profile, then you must scroll down to where it says "single product" and use the pulldown selecter to choose "None". Once you do that, then you can go back up and choose a profile.


This is the part before the @[UUID] in the vendor's description field. It defaults to "Ready!" but you can change that part here. Some people use this to put price information and permissions - example: "L$200 - copy/mod" - to make it easier for their customers who use hovertips.

Group Discount

Users in the same group the vendor is set to will receive this discount.

Optionally, you can turn off the the extra button for group discount, if you think it may, or have seen that it will, confuse your customers. Simply tick the box at the end of the group discount line to turn it off.

General Discount

This is where you set a discount that applies to all customers, regardless of whether they're in your customer group.

Price Override

Vendor will charge this price for everything in the vendor. Useful if you have a "everything in this vendor is x" sale.

This is NOT a percentage - this is strictly the amount of lindens. If you put a 0 (zero) in the override box, it means your products become FREE when sold through that vendor.


Your options are "silent", "whisper", "say", "shout" from the pulldown box. This controls how "chatty" your vendors get, and how far away they can be heard. Use the "chattier" options with care!


There are clickable links to:

  • Change profile (acts as if you clicked "change" on the profile line above)
  • Edit Profile
  • New Profile
  • View Statistics
  • Delete Vendor (using this if you're deleting vendors is preferred)
  • Force Update (basically, resyncs the vendor. Does NOT upgrade versions!)

Options (Regular Vendors)

These are checkboxes that allow you to:

  • Set the vendor offline
  • Don't allow any discounts (that aren't specified on THIS per-vendor page)
  • Use floating text on this vendor (off by default, not recommended for malls)
  • Use "smart text" on this vendor (on by default)
"Smart text" is hovertext that disappears after a few minutes of not being used, so it's not on all the time.
  • Advance automatically to the next product every 60 seconds
Vendors will not advance if sim is empty, or if they've been touched in the last 5 minutes.)
  • Restrict this vendor so it can ONLY be used by group members
This is the group that the vendor is "Set" to - you can change it by going into edit mode inworld, and changing it on the "general" tab of the edit window.
  • Change the name of the vendor to the currently displayed product
This lets your grid transaction history reflect the product actually being sold. If you have this option on, such as for a multi-item vendor, and want to have a single name for the vendor in the website display list, use the "Display Name" option, above.
  • Disable gifting capability
This is NOT related to gift cards. This simply sets the vendor so that customers cannot "buy as gift".
  • Disable touch dialogue menu

This eliminates the touch menu options, if customers find them too confusing.

  • Do not accept gift cards on this vendor
  • Pay affiliate share BEFORE profile shares are paid.
This option is ON by default for vendors that are newly rezzed AFTER March 12, 2012.
For a L$100 sale, profit share of 50%, and affiliate share of 20%:
If the option is ticked, L$20 goes to affiliate, L$40 goes to the profit share - in that order.
If the option is not ticked, L$50 goes to profit share, L$10 goes to affiliate - in that order.
See the affiliates page for more details.

Affiliate Options

  • Give a percentage of ____% to the affiliate merchant
This is where you set the affiliate percentage.

HoloVend Options (if applicable)

  • Rotate the demos once rezzed
  • Automatically rez item when scrolled
If you're using the holovendor PLATFORM model, use this option.
  • Only demo products - don't allow sales
  • Default item to be rezzed when no demos are showing (pulldown box)
  • Keep demos rezzed for a maximum of ___ minutes
Change the number here to your desired maximum rez time. Default is "0", which will derez the demos in UNDER 60 SECONDS. If you don't want to change it, you don't have to.
  • Prevent de-rez in the first 5 minutes while user is still within ___ meters
Change the number here to your desired range in meters. Default is "10", which will derez the demo even if there are avatars in sensor range. If you don't want to change it, you don't have to.
Holovendors do NOT have an option related to affiliates because holovenders actually CONTAIN a copy of your product, thus they are NO TRANSFER. (Making an affiliate vendor out of a HoloVendor means any potential holo affiliates would get a copy of each of your products in the holovendor.)

Profit Sharing

This is where you set the per-vendor profit sharing. See the Profit Sharing section for details.

Single Product

This is a pulldown where you can select a specific product to show on this vendor. This is NOT a profile, only a single product - If you use this option on a multi-panel vendor you will see the SAME product repeated across all the panels!