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If you don't have one, you can get our free version - search for CasperVend on the SL Marketplace, or teleport to the CasperTech store inworld

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About the Lucky Chair

They're chairs that - every so often - display a letter on them. If someone with a name beginning with that letter sits on the chair, they win a prize!

Requires a working copy of CasperVend to work.

Don't have it yet? Get yours at Casper's shop or on SL Marketplace.


Randomness: Our "random prize" selection is slightly fiddled to ensure that the same letter and same prize are not displayed twice in a row. Other than this, the randomness is as you would expect.
Mesh: The newer style chair is MESH, but a non-mesh version is included. 99% of users should be able to see mesh builds, but some still cannot. If users complain about the chair appearing as a blob, explain to them that it is mesh, and they will not be able to see it without upgrading their viewer to one that is mesh-capable.
Redelivery: Lucky Chair winners WILL be able to use redelivery terminals for their wins, provided you have marked the product as "copy" on the website.
Profiles: Lucky Chair will NOT work under the "default" profile, and it will tell you so - you must set it to a specific profile or group in order for it to function.

Setting Up Your Lucky Chair

1) Rez your Lucky Chair
2) Right below the big circular display there is a small CasperVend logo. (The logo is on the main chair background.) Right-click and "Touch" that. You will get a popup box with a configuration URL - click the button to go to the website.
2a. If you don't get a popup, check local chat for a message about unmuting yourself. Once you've unmuted yourself, try again.
2b. You will NOT get the configuration URL in local chat, only in the popup.
2c. If you suddenly find yourself sitting, "unsit" yourself and make sure you right-click and "touch" - the default action on the chair is set to "sit".
3) Once at the website, log in if necessary.
4) On the configuration page, choose which product (or profile) you wish to display on the chair, and set any options you would like.
5) If you pick a profile with multiple products, the board will cycle to the next product - in the order listed in the profile - automatically after each letter change. There is also an option to pick a random product.
If you want to give away a product which is NOT already in your CasperVend system, please follow the instructions that came with your vendor pack to create and add the new product. Remember, you must keep the dropbox rezzed AT ALL TIMES so that the Lucky Chair can deliver your prizes.
6) Set any other options you like on the same configuration page.
Available options include:
  • Restrict to only members of a particular group
  • Pick prizes randomly instead of cycling in order
  • Disabling countown music
  • Changing minutes between letter changes

Customising Your Lucky Chair

There are two types of lucky chairs in the shipping crate - the mesh modern one, and the sculpted classic one.

The texture templates that work with both chairs may be found in the main vendor pack:

  1. Find the Customisation and Tools box in the main vendor pack
  2. Drag that into your inventory
  3. Then drag that onto the ground/floor of where you are
  4. Look inside that for the box labeled templates
  5. Drag onto the ground/floor of where you are
  6. Inside that second box are all the available CasperVend templates.

NOTE: There is no template for the circular spinning words - however you can replace that with any circular texture of your choosing, and it should work just fine, as long as you remember that center portion is where all the letters and numbers are going to appear.

Customising Your Mesh Lucky Chair

The templates that work with the mesh Lucky Chair are:

  • Lucky Chair Bake
  • Lucky Chair Cushion
  • Lucky Chair Letters

Customising Your Classic Lucky Chair

The templates that work with the classic Lucky Chair are:

  • Lucky Chair Letters

This chair contains pair of sculpts - the chair frame and the cushion. The sculpts themselves will take any square texture of your choosing, so no templates for them are in the templates box.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. How can I replace the letters and numbers on my Lucky Chair?
1. Set up your replacement texture in your favorite graphics editor as you wish (use the one IN the chair as a guide.)
2. Upload, then give your replacement texture the name: 21295cc9-1fd8-29b1-1c57-510bfc6c5af9
3. Delete the old letter/number texture, and replace it with the new.
4. Reset the chair afterward to ensure the configuration picks up the new texture.
Q. Are copiable prizes won in a Lucky Chair usually available through the standard redelivery terminal or do I need a special one?
A. There is no Lucky Chair redelivery terminal - all redeliveries happen via the regular redelivery terminal, as long as the product is marked "Copy" on the website.
Q. Can a lucky chair be set for one prize per day, no matter how many wins?
A. You can have as few or as many of your products in your lucky chair profile as you like. If you want to have a single product per day, and changing each day, you will need to manually change out the product in the profile each day - however this can be done via the website, so you don't need to log inworld.