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Stop icon.pngAll configuration of items within THIS expansion pack is done through CasperPanel, not through the old CasperLet site.

This is an EXPANSION to Casperlet, and MUST be used in conjunction with rental units.

About the Web Kiosk Pack

The Web Kiosk and Rental Vendor expansion is new in 2018, allowing you to set out a payment kiosk in conjunction with your rental units. This expansion pack also comes with NEW rental vendors, scripted specifically for CasperLet.

Is There A Demo?

Yes! Go to Casper's shop, go through the doorway, and down the right-hand set of stairs to the next level.

You'll see the demo kiosk AND a demo vendor on the same wall with CasperLet vendors.

What's in the Crate?

After opening the shipping crate, you will find the following contents:

Click to see larger version

Beacon Mapping Helper
Beacon Mapping Helper Client (script)
CasperLet Rental Kiosk
CasperLet Rental Vendor 1-Prim Scroller
CasperLet Rental Vendor 1-Prim Static
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7 Panel Flat
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7 Panel Primsaver
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7 Panel
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7 Panel Vertical Flat
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7 Panel Vertical
CasperLet Rental Vendor 7-Panel Mesh
CasperLet Rental Vendor 9 Panel Primsaver
CasperLet Rental Vendor 13 Panel Flat
CasperLet Rental Vendor 13 Panel Mesh
CasperLet Rental Vendor 13 Panel
CasperTech Store Landmark

Kiosk Setup

  1. Rez the shipping crate and click to unpack
  2. From your inventory, rez the Rental Kiosk
  3. Grant debit permissions - the unit will NOT function without them.
  4. Rename the rental kiosk, if desired

At this point, your rental kiosk will be using the default behavior, which gives customers who click the "browse" option a complete list of your available rentals.

You are now all set for basic operations.

For more rental kiosk details, see the rental kiosk page.


Payments are currently only accepted from the primary tenant (and the owner of course), not the sub-tenants. This is expected to change in the future.

Custom Rental Profiles

If you wish to limit the properties that show on THAT particular kiosk, you will need to set up a rental profile with rule filters.

See the rental profiles page for details.

Rental Vendors

These are special CasperLet-specific Rental Vendors. The textures use a different color, and different wording, to make it easier to tell at a glance that they are not for CasperVend.

These MUST be configured via CasperPanel!

Vendors will appear to be "no modify" while in inventory; that is because the script is "no modify" - once they are rezzed inworld they are modifiable as normal so you can resize, etc.

See the rental vendors page for details.