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Transaction Page

As of 1 June 2016, there is now a debug log (sometimes referred to as the "wall 'o text") on the CasperLet transaction page. This enables the landlord to see the status of the transaction and where any fail points are.

Payment Issues

You - the landlord - will need to have your tenant give you the transaction ID they got in local chat before contacting Casper for help with a transaction issue. This transaction ID is always sent, even if the website is having problems.

(Ideally, your tenant should be contacting you right away with a payment issue, instead of waiting hours, days or weeks before saying something.)

If the payment has at least made it to the website, and your tenant lost track of the transaction ID, you can also see recent transactions on the rental log page - if you click the text icon, you'll be taken to a page for THAT transaction, where you can at least copy the date, timestamp, who made the payment, and what sim/region the payment was made on.

If a rental unit has double-credited a tenant, check the unit and remove the extra CasperLet script. There should only be one.

Getting Transaction ID

When the renter pays the rental unit, they will get a message in local chat that looks something like this:

  Rental unit name: Thanks for your payment! Your transactionID is: ((alphanumeric transaction id)) - 
  please quote this if you have any problems with your transaction. You can check the status of your 
  transaction here: ((transaction page URL))

Using The Transaction ID

There's a system shortcut to use the transaction ID to get to the transaction page.

That shortcut is: ID goes here))

Replace "((transaction ID goes here))" with the actual transaction ID you get from the customer, and use in your favorite web browser to view the transaction page.

Error Messages

CasperLet: Your transaction ((transaction ID)) is currently suspended and cannot complete because 'Couldn't reset the rental unit. Will try again soon. '. Please rectify the situation.

The system is unable to contact the rental unit, and the unit needs to be manually reset. Click the unit, select reset from the popup menu. The SLURL for the location of the unit is now on the transaction page.