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Prim Counter & Land

CasperLet units cannot - by themselves - count prims. For that, you need the prim counter. You need to rez one prim counter per region PER LAND OWNER (because a prim counter can only count prims on parcels owned by the same entity that owns the prim counter).

It doesn't matter whether there's 1 skybox or 20, what matters is how the *land* itself is divided (or not divided) by the land owner - the prim counter only sees the land, not the number of rentals you have on it.

CasperLet does not prevent rezzing - that is what land settings are for. CasperLet doesn't - itself - care about parcels. The "prim consolidation" feature allows you to have multiple rentals on the same parcel (such as malls).

Current Version & Upgrade information

What is the "Land Owner"?

A "land owner" in this case means either the individual account listed as owning the land OR the group that the land is deeded to.

This will be the name that you see as "owner" when you bring up the "about land" floater inworld and look on the first tab.

If there are multiple land OWNERS in the region, all being covered by the same copy of CasperLet, then you need 1 prim counter PER land owner.

Please note prim counters are used on a per land owner basis, not "per parcel".

Sample Land Configurations

All examples are on a per-region basis - the prim counter cannot count across sim boundaries; you will need to repeat the appropriate steps for each sim/region that you have.

NOTE: All prim counters dating from late summer 2013 and newer have scripted prim autoreturn capability. See the scripted prim autoreturn section for details and limitations.

Land Owners On Sim/Region Actions To Take With Prim Counter
Tenant takes ownership
(Island estates)
   Prim counter is not normally necessary - tenants will not be able to exceed the prim/impact limit of the parcel they control.
Shared land
Owned by YOU
  1. Rez one prim counter, on land YOU own
  2. Wait for it to find all parcels
  3. No deeding required - just rez and wait
  4. If you own multiple parcels to be rented out, then use "prim consolidation"
  5. Repeat on each additional sim/region you have
Shared land
Owned by ONE other avatar
  1. Transfer the prim counter to THAT avatar
  2. THEY must rez out ONE prim counter on land owned by THEM
  3. No deeding required - just rez and wait
  4. If there are multiple parcels, use the "prim consolidation" option
  5. Repeat on each additional sim/region you have
Shared land
Owned by ONE land group
  1. Rez out ONE prim counter on land owned by that group
  2. Right-Click > Edit > "Share with group" > "Deed"
  3. Use the "prim consolidation" option
  4. Repeat on each additional sim/region you have
Shared land
Some owned by YOU
Some by ONE land group
  1. Rez out one prim counter on land owned by the group
  2. Right-Click > Edit > "Share with group" > "Deed"
  3. Rez out one prim counter on land owned by you
  4. No deeding required on the land YOU own - just rez and wait
  5. Use the "prim consolidation" option
  6. Repeat on each additional sim/region you have
Shared land
Owned by MULTIPLE land groups
  1. Rez one prim counter PER land group, on land owned BY that group
  2. Right-Click > Edit > "Share with group" > "Deed"
  3. Use the "prim consolidation" option
  4. Repeat on each additional sim/region you have

About Prim Consolidation

Where to find the prim consolidation option - click for larger version

Prim consolidation means that all parcels of land on the same region - under the same land owner - will behave as if they are `joined` as far as prim counts are concerned. This is usually useful when tenants have multiple rentals on the same parcel, or if the deeded prim counters are used (such as for a shopping mall).

When one person rents multiple units on the same parcel, "prim consolidation" prevents the affected units from showing "over limit". Rental units are configured to reflect the total prim allowance - when prim consolidation is turned on, then the box compares all prims belonging to that tenant, anywhere in the sim, and compares it to the total prim allowance of all the rentals that they have.

The Prim Consolidation option can be found on the units page, in the grey boxes at the bottom, OR this may be set on a per-unit basis, towards the bottom of each individual unit configuration page.

Prim Consolidation Update

In January 2023, there was an overhaul to the prim consolidation process. This change ensures that all prims owned by subtenants are consolidated correctly, and not just the prim allowance.

Prim Consolidation Issues

Q: I have a tenant with two units. I'm using prim consolidation, but the prim/impact count is wrong (either over/under limit).
A1. Rez a CasperLet UpgradeBee and use the "Check All" option, which will remove any "ghosted" units which are deleted inworld but still registered. These may be interfering with your prim counts.
A2. It may be counting some rental units which were improperly deleted, or not taking into account a recent change in parcels (merging, splitting, expanding, etc.) Changes in parcels will be reflected after 3 or 6 hours, depending on how old your prim counter is.

How to Properly Deed a Prim Counter

If the land you are renting out is OWNED by a land group, the prim counter will need to be both

  1. Rezzed under the group tag, and
  2. Properly deeded (not just "shared with group")

Only after you do all the steps, in the proper order, will the prim counter properly count prims on group-owned land, and the prim counter's rotating border will turn green. This process shouldn't take any longer than a couple minutes under normal conditions.

The steps to properly deed a prim counter are:

Reference Picture Steps to perform
  1. Wear the group tag for the land group
click for larger version
  1. Drag the prim counter from your inventory to the ground.
  2. You will be asked at this time for autoreturn permissions.
  3. The prim counter will be red with yellow hovertext indicating that it is looking for permissions.
  4. Due to LSL limitations, if you are an "owner" in the land group, you are able (but not required) to grant them, however if you are not in the "owner" role, then either response will be treated as "no".
click for larger version
  1. Right-click on the prim counter > Edit > "General" tab.
  2. Tick/check the box for "Share with group".
  3. The "Deed..." button will become clickable.
click for larger version
  1. Click the "Deed..." button.
  2. You will get a popup warning you that deeding will allow people to pay into the object. This does NOT mean it will steal all the money! This only applies in the unlikely event that someone pays the prim counter. If it's tucked out of the way and not easily findable, customers won't think they have to pay it.
  3. Click "Deed" on that box too.
click for larger version
  1. Once the prim counter is SUCCESSFULLY deeded, it will start investigating all the parcels on the sim.
  2. The border on the prim counter will turn yellow at this time.
  3. The hovertext over it will be yellow and say "Finding Parcels" during this process.
click for larger version
  1. When it completes the parcel finding, the prim counter will turn green
  2. Prim counter will start counting prims right away, and should have a count ready for you in a few minutes.

Local Chat Messages During Deeding Process

When NOT Properly Deeded

If it is not properly deeded, the prim counter's rotating border will eventually turn red, and there will be red hovertext over it that says:

  No valid parcels found.

And you will get a message in your local chat buffer that says:

   CasperLet Prim Counter v2.15: No valid parcels were found. This may be because the prim counter is not deeded to group.

Prim counter will not count prims in this state.

When It IS Properly Deeded

Once it is properly deeded, the hovertext will change to green, the rotating border on the prim counter will turn green, and the hovertext will say:


NOTE: There will NOT be a message in local chat.

(No) Limiting the Number of Rezzed Objects

This cannot be done with CasperLet.

What you can do is educate your tenants - be sure they are informed how many they CAN rez out, and the system will tell them when they are going over their limit.

Checklist to Ensure Prim Counting

  1. Check the prim counter's location - is it still rezzed? Is it deeded to the proper land group (when necessary)?
  2. Are scripts running for everyone?
  3. If island estate, are scripts turned on via the Estate Manager options?
  4. Check individual unit configuration - did you accidentally tick/check "Disable prim counting"?
  5. Check bulk "Units" page - did you accidentally tick/check "Disable prim counting" there?
  6. If shared land (multiple tenants, one land group) did you enable "prim consolidation" on all units?

Counting Too Few

If all the affected - and immediate neighboring - parcels are owned by the same owner (or group), then if the rental unit is counting too FEW, it might be that the unit isn't seeing the prims that have slid across parcel borders into the neighboring parcel.

How Often Does It Count Prims?

1.x prim counter count prims every 6 hours.

2.x prim counters count prims every 3 hours.

This timeframe is NOT configurable. However, you (the owner of the system) can trigger a re-count and full system update (aka a "global" re-count) by touching the prim counter.

Tenants CANNOT trigger a global re-count, however they can trigger a "personal" re-count from the rental unit which will tell them how many prims they are using. It is only informative for them, and will not update the global count within the system itself.

The reason tenants are prevented from triggering a global re-count is that they tend to request this repeatedly, in a small space of time, which causes a great deal of unnecessary server load.

Whose Prims Does It Count?

Do you want to count ONLY tenant prims? Then "count prims from any avatar" should be OFF - UNCHECKED/UNTICKED

Do you want to count prims from everyone, tenants AND non tenants (including yourself)? Then turn it ON - click to check/tick the box.

Known Parcel Re-size Issue

After any change to the SIZE of a parcel (splitting/joining/merging/etc.), it will be common for prim/impact counts to be incorrect for up to 3 hours (or up to 6 hours for version 1.x prim counters) following the change. This is because CasperLet doesn't get notified when parcel changes are made, and until the original parcel "times out" in the system, it will appear to CasperLet as a duplicate parcel.

Counting Prims on Specific Rental

NOTE: This is possible ONLY if the avatar clicking the rental unit has permissions to manage inworld units!

1) Click rental unit
2) Get the landlord popup menu
3) Select "Tenants" option
4) Get the renter-specific popup menu
5) Select "Update Prims" option

You'll get a few messages similar to this (and WAIT, they don't all come immediately!):

  CasperLet Prim Counter v2.16r3: My owner is ((CasperLet system owner avatar name))
  CasperLet Prim Counter v2.16r3: Just a moment, i'll send you an up-to-date count shortly!
  CasperLet: Here is your prim count report: ((Tenant avatar name)) is using 14 prims on ((link to land group info floater OR land owning avatar)) Total prims used: 14

Prim Counter Not Counting?

  1. Is it rezzed out at all? (Check where you last had it, the grid may have "eaten" it.)
  2. If it's group land, is it properly deeded? Rezzing under the land group is NOT deeding!
  3. Do you have "Disable prim counting" ticked/checked on that rental unit's configuration?
  4. Do you have "Disable prim counting" ticked/checked on the bulk/Units page?
  5. Is the affected rental unit rezzed under the same group the prim counter is deeded to? (The rental unit doesn't need to be deeded, just rezzed under the correct tag)

Note: "Counting Prims" means recording the data in the system - Neither the deeding process, nor the "Count Now" option on the pop up menu, will show you who's using how many prims/impact.

Prim Counter Showing Unrelated Prims?

This is because you've turned on "count prims from any user".

If you want to be certain you're counting tenant/subtenant prims, and not the prims for your landscaping/etc., then turn OFF the "count prims from any user" setting.

This can be done via the Units page in the "unit options" block, or on a per-unit basis (Look in the options block farther down the individual unit page) if you just have a few that are showing too many prims.

The count will update when the prim counter next does its counting, or you - the system OWNER, not manager - can trigger a global recount by clicking the prim counter.

Scripted Prim Auto-Return

This is the LSL Object Return function introduced in the summer of 2013.

As of version 1.21 R9, the prim counter now adds support for LSL scripted OBJECT RETURN. It will return prims for the current tenant, *IF* the feature is enabled on the rental unit - it's disabled by default because it's a potentially dangerous feature. CasperTech is not responsible for any destroyed sims/regions!

Caveats & Limitations

This is ONLY a capability of the version 2.x (and up) prim counters, not any bot you may be using, and not any version 1.x prim counters you may still have rezzed out.

You MUST have a prim counter properly rezzed - and deeded where appropriate - in order to use this feature. See the top of this page for details on how to properly rez (and when to deed) the prim counter.

Subtenants: Currently, when any additional subtenants are removed, the prims from the subtenants are not automatically returned.

LSL Limitations Of Scripted Autoreturn

  • Group-owned land: It can't ask you for permission if you don't have "owner" role in the group. That's an LSL permission restriction, not any doing of CasperTech. If you are not the group owner, you CAN pass the prim counter to the group owner and have them rez it out instead. It will work once they rez it out and grant return permissions.
  • (Alternately, if you don't need scripted autoreturn, don't worry about passing it to the group owner.)
  • Group-owned land: Scripts need to be allowed BEFORE deeding. It's enough to set the prim counter to group for a few seconds and allow it to run, before deeding.
  • All land: If you deny permissions, it will still work as just a prim counter.
  • All land: Once permissions have been granted once, it will not ask again unless it is upgraded or replaced.

If someone has multiple rentals, and only ONE expires, then:

  • Prim Consolidation OFF: If rentals are on DIFFERENT parcels, then the prims on the expired parcels will be returned
  • Prim Consolidation ON: If rentals are on the SAME parcel, then the prims for the expired rental will NOT be returned.

System Limitations Of Scripted Autoreturn

Q: I believe there is a bug in the "object return", it doesn't work in the following case: the primary tenant adds a subtenant, the subtenant rez 1 prim, the principal tenant removes the subtenant, the 1 prim rez from the subtenant is NOT returned.
A: Casper Warden: To be clear on that - it's not a technical limitation of SL, but it's for safety purposes. We don't want tenants to be able to add/remove people and return arbitrary prims on the region. It's a security restriction - imagine if you have someone rez something on your region, and one of your tenants decides to be an idiot, they could quickly add/remove that person as a subtenant and the system would remove the prims - it's just a dangerous option and it's open to abuse.

How can Landlord / Tenant / Manager check land impact?

The landlord/manager simply needs to click their rental unit, choose "TENANTS" submenu, then "LAND IMPACT" on the next page.

Tenants can simply click "LAND IMPACT" from the first popup menu screen they get.

Ignoring A Certain Number of Prims

You need to use the "Extra Allowance" option, in order to "ignore" a certain number of prims. Commonly, you may also want to count ALL prims on a parcel, in which case you also need "Count prims belonging to ANY avatar".

Therefore, commonly you need to use these options in combination:

  1. "Extra Allowance"
  2. "Count prims belonging to ANY avatar"

In any situation, if you want to to actually count the prims, the parcel must not be sold to the tenant. For example, malls/shopping centres and mainland rentals.

NOTE: If you want to count prims ONLY on a specific parcel, and not the entire sim/region, then "Prim Consolidation" must be turned OFF.

About Prim/Impact Limits

There are two aspects to prim limits. The first aspect is the prim/impact limit you allow per the terms of the rental. The second aspect is how many prims the parcel can hold. These are not necessarily the same thing.

If you have a shopping mall all in one land group, for example, and the renter exceeds the limit that they have paid for, they are not automatically blocked from rezzing objects. However, they - and you! - are alerted that they are over their prim limit.

Because the simulator treats all prims owned by a single entity (individual, group) as a pool of prims that can be used anywhere on the sim it can be difficult in some situations to ensure that your tenants cannot exceed their prim allowances. On private estates you can subdivide the land and sell parcels to tenants, which limits their prim allowance to the prim capacity of the parcel. On mainland this is usually impractical and almost always inadvisable. Subdividing and then deeding parcels to different groups may be an option. This is a management decision each landlord must make.

Updating Prim Counter

  1. Rez out the up-to-date prim counter.
  2. Deed to group if necessary
  3. Older prim counter should self-delete

Max Avatars Per Parcel Message

Warning - Parcel '((name of land parcel))' may have too many prim owners - I can only count prims belonging to a maximum of 100 avatars per parcel. The prim count on this parcel may not be accurate.

LSL can only count up to 100 prim owners in a given parcel. This does NOT affect the scripted auto-return function, if it is enabled.


This is a grid-based limitation, not a CasperTech system limitation.

If you're trying count prims across an entire sim (as some people do for breedable auctions/sales, or gacha yardsales), the easy solution is simply to split up the sim into multiple parcels. Even using half-sim or quarter-sim parcels in the same land group will help, as the 100-avatar limitation is per parcel not per owner.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Does the prim counter need to be rezzed first before passing it to someone else?"""
A. No, it can be passed over right from unpacking to your inventory. Tracking current/previous owners is not necessary.
Q. If my rental units are parceled off on group land, can I see the prim count for each parcel?
A. Yes, keep the prim counter rezzed out, but disable "prim consolidation" and the units will count on a per-unit, per-parcel basis.
Q. The system is saying my tenants are over prims, but they really aren't, so something is wrong...
A. Often, nothing is *wrong* per se. What could have happened is any of the following:
  1. Your tenants may have picked up the extra prims since the last count
  2. Your tenants might be using a "temp rezzer", and you might be seeing the prim count inbetween rezzing. (Look for a constantly fluctuating prim count to verify) Note from Casper: I don't think temp prims are counted, but I haven't tested this - will do when I find some time!
  3. They may have prims rezzed somewhere other than the area they're normally allowed to rez, that the prim counter sees.
Q1. Why isn't the prim counter feature working?
Q2. My meters/boxes aren't properly counting tenant prims - help!
A1. If the land is owned by a group, is the prim counter rezzed out and deeded TO that land group.
A2. Rental boxes / meters need to be rezzed under the SAME land group (but not deeded) in order to communicate properly with the prim counter. (The script is looking at the group the rental unit OBJECT itself is rezzed under.)
A3. If it seems to be counting way too many prims then UNcheck "Count Prims From All Users".
A4. Do you need to UNcheck "disable prim counting"?
A5. Is the prim counter in the same sim/region as the rental properties? It cannot count prims from a different sim/region - this is an SL limitation.
A6. Are there any stray tenant prims in places they shouldn't be?
A7. Are there 100 or more tenants on the same parcel?
Q. My tenants want to know if there's a way to see their prim count?
A. Yes, the option is in the touch menu - they need to click the rental unit then select "Land Impact" to get their current prim/impact total. If YOU want to see the land impact, you can find the option under the "Tenants" submenu.
Q. How long does the web page take to update after tenants add or remove objects?
A1. The prim counter checks about every three to six hours (newer prim counters three, older versions six).
A2. To get it to recheck, click the prim counter and tell it to recount - then wait PATIENTLY for it to finish. It will be red while it is counting, and revert to green when it is done. When it turns green, it may still take a few minutes before it finishes updating your meters.
Q. Is there a maximum distance on the prim counter?
A1. No, but they only count parcels that are owned by the same person (or group) that owns the counter on THAT sim. SL limitations prevent it from counting prims on parcels that are owned by different individuals, a different group, or on a totally different sim/region.
A2. They only check every 3 or 6 hours to avoid lagging the sim. (New counters - Oct 2013 - every 3 hours, older counters every six hours)
Q. How do I know if the prim counter is working?
A1. It turns yellow when it's counting, and green when it's done. This will take several minutes. Do *NOT* keep clicking it because every time you click it, it abandons the current counting process and triggers another manual count from the beginning.
A2. Version 1.21 and up are SLOWER in the counting process by design.
Q. My tenant has cleared off and the box has reset to "Available" but the website is still showing prims in use. What's the fix for this?
A1. Make sure both your rental boxes and prim counter are up-to-date. Get a CasperLet redelivery, run an update bee for boxes only in "Force all" mode, and replace the prim counter.
A2. Have your alt pay the rental box and rez a few prims under the alt's account. Force the prim counter to update, then evict the alt from the rental box. Tidy up the alt's prims and refresh the website.