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As many of you are aware, we're working on migrating our legacy services (CasperLet and CasperVend) over to our all-in-one control panel, CasperPanel.

Currently Used For

CasperPanel is currently only primarily being used for:

  • CasperSafe, our security orb (login not required for viewing visitor stats via the orb itself)
  • Our suggestions system
  • Slack chat access
  • The Great CasperTech Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2017 registration

Migration Plan

We will be migrating CasperLet first, then CasperVend, then once CasperVend is migrated we'll be reinstating PrimBay.

No Migration Dates Yet

No, there is no timeline for the migrations at this time.

(If you still see this message, there are still no announced dates, so asking in group chat will not help you get information that is not available yet.)

When it actually goes live for CasperLet and CasperVend there will much ballyhoo about it, and there will be additional updates on the wiki.

You can also follow CasperTechUK on Facebook for information - remember to both "Like" and set to "receive ALL notifications".

Why CasperPanel Was Announced

The new CasperPanel site was announced so people can check their browser for security - making an account is not required yet, unless you are using the suggestion system or you want access to the CasperTech Slack group.

If you can simply see the CasperPanel site, with no error message, then the browser you are currently using at that time is OK.