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About the Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness allows everyone who clicks the board to win a prize - but only if the target number of avatars is reached - as indicated by the name, it delivers at midnight.

Requires CasperVend in order to work.

ALL prizes are delivered from a CasperVend DropBox, so you must have set up product listings (and have each item in your DropBox, ready to go) for each Midnight Madness prize in order to use them ON the Midnight Madness board.


Randomness: Our "random prize" selection is slightly fiddled to ensure that the same prize is not displayed twice in a row, if there are multiple products in the profile. Other than this, the randomness is as you would expect.
Statistics: Prize wins will NOT be added to your statistics. This is to prevent the database from filling up with massive numbers of "sales" that are just Midnight Madness board wins.
Delivery Timing: Deliveries will be made gradually (roughly every 30 seconds, or 2 per minute.) So, if you have 50 winners, you can expect it to take roughly 25 minutes to deliver the products.
Redelivery: Winners WILL be able to use your redelivery terminals to get a redelivery of their prize.

Setting Up Your Midnight Madness

1) Rez your Midnight Madness board.
2) Click the logo area on the bottom left corner of the front of the board.
3) You will get a popup menu with "Admin" and "Add Me!" - choose "Admin".
4) You will get another popup menu with the configuration URL. Click the button to take you to the website, and log in if necessary.
5) Choose which product (or profile, or group) you wish to display on the board, and set an avatar target count.
If you want to give away a product which is NOT already in your CasperVend system, please follow the instructions that came with your vendor pack to create and add the product. Remember, you must keep the dropbox rezzed AT ALL TIMES so that the boards can deliver your prizes.
6) If you pick a profile with multiple products, the board will cycle to the next product - in the order listed in the profile - automatically at midnight. There is also an option to pick a random product.
7) Set any other options you like on the same configuration page.
Available options include:
  • Group only
  • Restricting to users within a specific group
  • Clear or not clear the avatar list at midnight ("Rolling over" the clicks to the next night)
  • Whether to trigger "midnight" immediately when target is reached
  • Specific target number of avatars (Default is "1")
  • Pick prizes randomly instead of cycling in order
  • Set vendor offline after current contest ends, but only if target is reached

Customising Your Midnight Madness

The texture template that works with the Midnight Madness board may be found in the main vendor pack:

  1. Find the Customisation and Tools box in the main vendor pack
  2. Drag that into your inventory
  3. Then drag that onto the ground/floor of where you are
  4. Look inside that for the box labeled templates
  5. Drag onto the ground/floor of where you are
  6. Inside that second box are all the available CasperVend templates.

The one you are looking for is currently named "Midnight Madness Template"

Setting an "Offline" Texture

  1. Create your offline texture
  2. Upload it inworld
  3. Rename it to this UUID >> dc58850a-261e-3623-e8f9-7cdea8acb94f
  4. Drop it in the MM board
  5. Reset the MM board

No Pick Restriction

Currently, the profile picks restriction option is disabled - Linden Lab has killed the script function that this feature used.

Sending Prizes

Once the Midnight Madness board has locked and "Midnight" is reached, the prizes will be sent in a staggered fashion - not all at once - so customers will not receive the prize immediately, but they will get it at some point in the morning.

If the prize is copiable, customers may also retrieve their prizes via any redelivery terminal.

No Prizes with Licenses

Does your prize have a license that the customer must agree to before receiving?

If so, it cannot be used in a Midnight Madness prize pool - the customer is not usually present when the prizes go out, so they are unable agree to it (and the system will NOT send the license agreement from a Midnight Madness board) before receiving the product.

Typically the transaction log for this situation will include these phrases:

Executing step: licenseconfirm
Failed to send the license agreement. Searching for other vendors..
Exception: Suspended processing until license is accepted


The statistics page has an option to see the stats from the Midnight Madness boards.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Are copiable prizes won in a Midnight Madness board usually available through the standard redelivery terminal or do I need a special one?
A. There is no MM-specific redelivery terminal - all redeliveries happen via the regular redelivery terminal.
Q. Is there a way for the MM board to NOT send a notice when the target isn't reached, but just continue silently?
A. No, you can't disable customer notifications.