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About the TextureVend

The TextureVend Expansion Pack is targeted towards the texture sellers in second life. It allows extremely quick setup of many thousands of textures for sale.

Rez as many vendors of any style that you like. Each vendor - regardless of style - is designed to work as a single "pack" of textures.


Here is the current feature list:

  • Bulk pricing.
  • Provides an optional "watermark" to protect images being shown.
  • Sells both individual textures and a "pack" - all textures in the vendor, at two seperate pricing levels.
  • At the customer's command, it temp-rezzes a "preview" object which will display up to 25 textures from the vendor.
  • Allows profit sharing to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Extremely low lag (only one script).
  • Only one prim.
  • Provides optional floating text above the vendor to describe the current texture.
  • Provides intuitive sales statistics via the CasperVend System (no seperate purchase required!)
  • No notecards. Very easy, simple setup via the web-based configuration system.
  • Can hook into your existing CasperVend System (but works alone - no seperate purchase required!)
  • Future updates will be deployed effortlessly via our UpgradeBee system - you won't need to reconfigure your vendors.
  • Sales will continue to be available even if our web server is offline (which it won't be!)
  • NO commission is payable on your sales

Three-Step Setup

1) Rez a TextureVend vendor, and grant permissions
2) Fill the vendor's inventory with your textures
3) Click one of the arrows. That's it!

Caution: Doing this will use the default settings that ship with the vendor:

  • L$30 per single textures
  • L$150 per pack of textures
  • Display the watermark
  • Preview offset of: x=0.0 y=0.05 z=0.0

If that is ok with you, then everything is fine. If you want to change these from the defaults, then read about the configuration options below.

Configuration Options

  1. Click the (C)asperVend logo for a link to the website.
    1. You will get the link in local chat, but no popup option. So check your chat history.
  2. Once arriving at the website log in.
    1. If you need to create a password, see the passwords page.
  3. You should now be at the configuration page. You have the following options:
    1. Vendor name (This only picks up the name from inworld.)
    2. Use floating text ("smart text")
    3. Advance automatically to the next product in 60 seconds
    4. Display watermark to mitigate screenshot theft
    5. Disable the "overview" button
    6. Price for a single texture (Default: L$50)
    7. Price for the complete set (Default: L$500)
    8. Preview rez offset (default: x=0.0 y=0.05 z=0.0)
    9. Profit sharing
  4. You may also:
    1. View sales statistics on that vendor
    2. Delete the vendor (this is a PERMANENT action! You cannot recover once deleted!)
    3. Force an update (if you've changed the configuration)

There also also "profile" links but currently they do not do anything, so ignore them.

How Textures Are Sold via TextureVend

All the textures for one pack are placed in the vendor.

The customer may buy the individual textures one at a time, or buy the whole pack.

If they buy the whole pack, the textures will be delivered as a folder.

(TextureVend doesn't support vending a packaged pack in a box/bag/etc. For that, use the regular CasperVend Vendors, free or paid.)

Watermark vs Cover Image Feature

The existing watermark feature is deprecated - because it can be easily defeated - and will be removed in a future version of the script.

Please use the Cover Image capability instead.

Using the Cover Image Feature

You will need to upload two versions of each texture(s) you want to vend via the TextureVend. One of them with a built-in watermark (this is your cover image) and the normal one customers will buy.

Basically, you will need:

((texture name))
((texture name))_COVER_

Using the _COVER_ suffix to the name tells TextureVend to display the cover version image instead of the one customers will buy.


No Group/Loyalty Discounts

TextureVend does not currently utilize the CasperVend database for deliveries or discount information (all deliveries are local), and there is no configuration option for group restrictions or group discounts.

Configuration Not Saved On Re-Rezzing

You will need to reconfigure the vendor's pricing after re-rezzing or drag-copying if you are not using the default options.

Rename Vendor Inworld

Name changes on the website don't get sent inworld the way price changes do.

Feature Frozen

The TextureVend script is currently full, so it is unlikely that new features will be added at this time.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Does the TextureVend support a TOS or License setting?
A. Currently, this feature is not supported on TextureVend. You may put your TOS in a poster on the wall near the vendors so that customers have the opportunity to see it before purchase.
Q. Can I give out a notecard on purchase?
A. Yes! Just drop the notecard in the TextureVend along with your textures and it will be delivered with each purchase.
Q. Can I give out a landmark on purchase?
A. Yes! Just drop the landmark in the TextureVend along with your textures and it will be delivered with each purchase.
Q. I tried renaming the TextureVend from the website, but it's not working!
A. Rename the vendor inworld, force an update. THEN it will pick up the inworld name. A texture vendor cannot be renamed from the website.
Q. I want to sell multiple packs of textures out of a single vendor? How can I do that?
A. You'll need either the Free or Premium pack of regular vendors in order to sell multiple packs out of one vendor. However, you will only be able to sell them by the full pack in the regular vendors, and not by the texture.
Q. Does TextureVend support gifting?
A. No. Gifting is not possible with TextureVend, as packs are sent as folders from the vendor contents, rather than a boxed up object, and folder delivery can not occur cross-sim border (as would be the case in most gifting transactions).