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There have been some cases of users creating false accounts with our brands, possibly with the intention of defrauding our customers.

For security purposes, we have listed all of our official avatars below. Be very careful about subtle mis-spellings of these names.

CasperTech Staff will never ask for your password, and will never offer you unsolicited gift cards

Support avatars


  • Casper Warden
  • CasperHelp Resident
  • Norsk Himmel
  • Sphynx Soleil
  • FreyasFashions Resident
  • Redclaw Inshan
  • Norsk Resident
  • CasperSupportSteve Resident
  • CasperSupportImmy Resident
  • FreyasFinestJewels Resident
  • FreyasBot Resident

Other avatars

These avatars exist and belong to us, but are not used for support purposes.

  • CasperVend Resident (NOT CasperVendor)
  • CasperVendCommission Resident
  • RezFree Resident
  • CasperTech Resident
  • CasperTechGridSurvey Resident
  • CasperTechDemo Resident
  • CasperDemo Resident
  • CasperLet Resident
  • CasperPanel Resident
  • CasperDNS Resident
  • CasperSafe Resident
  • PrimBay Engineer
  • PrimBay Mint
  • PrimBay Resident
  • GridStatusUpdate Resident
  • Group Resident
  • OrlandoVictimsFund Resident
  • ItWorksOnMyMachine Resident