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Supported Migrations

Currently this tool only supports migration from HippoRent.

What's in the box?

Inside the CasperLet crate is a box called:

  Hippo Migration Toolkit 

You can - and should - open the this Hippo Migration Toolkit box to your inventory.

Inside the Migration Toolkit box are the following:

  Script:  Hippo Inquisitor
  Notecard:  HOW TO: Migrate your HippoRent Unit
  Object: Migration Base (DO NOT OPEN)

Migration Caution

Stop icon.pngThis tool is unsupported and provided only on an as-is basis, without warranty.

This tool may not move any or all of the available configuration options, if Hippo Technologies blocks any part of its actions, or if you are migrating from the web-only version of HippoRent and their website is not working.

Basically, this tool should work, and should transfer the time remaining, but if it doesn't, it's not CasperTech's responsibility (the migration tool script depends on Hippo Technologies not changing anything in their scripts) - please test it on a single unit to verify that it still works before full-scale use!

Also, be aware that Hippo Technologies may take steps to disable this functionality in future versions of the HippoRent system, as is their right.

Migration Requirements

The migration kit itself doesn't need to connect to the HippoRent system.

However, the HippoRent units themselves - especially for the web-only version of HippoRent - may need to contact the website in order to retrieve data to feed to the migration script. Thus, on occasions when the HippoRent website is not contactable (such as if they have a site outage), getting data FOR migration is not guaranteed to happen either.

Timesaving Tip

In the migration box are a set of textures that - along with the CasperLet script - will become part of the converted CasperLet unit.

If you want to use custom textures you may replace the ones in the Migration Base (DO NOT OPEN) itself, rather than waiting until after conversion and replacing the results one at at time.

"Please Wait" message

The "Please wait a moment" message means one of two situations:

  1. The hippo migration base is not yet rezzed.
  2. Or the migration base has been opened/destroyed prior to use.

How to Migrate

Warning-icon.pngThis process will completely replace all HippoRent scripts and textures with the CasperLet script and textures. This also means you will no longer have access to the rental history from the HippoRent rental units. If you want to keep your HippoRent units for archival or historical purposes, remember to "take a copy" FIRST.
  1. Rez the Migration Base somewhere on the same sim as your HippoRent unit
  2. Drop the Hippo Inquisitor script into a rental unit you want to convert
  3. Wait for the process to complete
  4. Run the latest CasperLet UpgradeBee, using the "upgrade" function, to make the CasperLet script current.

NOTE: This will need to be done on a per-unit basis only. This tool cannot migrate an entire sim/region's worth of rental units at one shot.

Customising Your Rental Units

Once you are done migrating, if you wish to customise your rental units, see the instructions on this page to ensure proper functionality, including any desired texture changes with rental state changes.

Configurations The Tool Saves

At the time of this writing, this tool supports both web-enabled and non-web-enabled HippoRent boxes.

Configuration migration which is currently supported:

  • Current tenant
  • Current time remaining
  • Current Price (and USD price setting if appropriate)
  • Current Price term (Days, Weeks, Months)
  • Current Prim count / Impact Limit
  • Current "Will not renew" setting
  • Current "Auto Evict" setting
  • Current Hovertext settings
  • Current State changes: size / move / alpha on rent
  • Minimum rental term
  • Maximum rental term
  • Extra prim allowance
  • Profit shares
  • Partners (additional subtenants)

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. I migrated my renter information to CasperLet, but it's an older version of the CasperLet script - is this a problem?
A1. There's no harm, just use the UpgradeBee from the current shipping crate to bring them up to date. Casper just hasn't updated the CasperLet script in the migration tool yet.
A2. The CasperLet script in the migration toolkit has been updated as of May 2016 - if yours is older than 1.33, please update to get the newest migration kit.