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Vendors Missing From List

Why Do Vendors Drop Off The List?

They drop off the list due to bad communication issues between Casper's servers and the SL grid. The "HTTP-IN" problem - as Casper explained here - is the reason they drop off. When Casper's servers cannot CURRENTLY contact one or more vendors, then naturally it remove any and all vendors that it cannot currently get communications from.

HTTP-OUT is working much more reliably - this is why a vendor will pop back ON the list when it is used, and why simply not seeing a vendor in the website list, does not impact their functionality inworld.

If you need to clear off old vendors, it is best to use an UpgradeBee - either for VENDORS ONLY or DROPBOXES ONLY - on "check all". This MUST be done on EACH sim/region you have/had vendors on. If you can no longer rez there, you may wear the UpgradeBee instead, it will still function.

+= Missing Vendors In Website List? == Vendors can be missing from the web because they are in a standby mode for a very long period of time, OR when sim/region-to-outside-web communications are not as good as they should be. This also happens by default when the sim has no visitors for a long period of time. It's therefore common for vendors to drop off the list - this is considered normal and not a problem, and the vendors will reappear on the list the next time they are used. After a sim/region has been restarted - such as on weekly "rolling restart" days - it takes time for all vendors and/or rental units to communicate with the website and provide their new URL (it changes after every sim restart).

This will NOT cause problems with deliveries or purchases!

If you are concerned about whether they will appear on the list, click each missing vendor and use the "Admin" option in the popup menu.

Trying to Manage/Edit Vendors Not On The List?

They can still be managed! Just do the following steps:

  1. Click the vendor inworld
  2. Select "Admin" from the popup menu
  3. Let the next popup option take you to the website
  4. You'll arrive at the vendor's individual configuration page!

Clearing Off Deleted Vendors

Vendors On Website That Shouldn't Be?

This is normal if a vendor has been Edit > Deleted out of the world without using the popup "delete" option, or if the vendor(s) have been sent back to your lost and found.

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Use the VENDORS UpgradeBee on "Check All" (do NOT use "force" for this!), in EVERY sim/reigon has has extra vendors showing.
  2. Go into "Manage" on each vendor that shouldn't be there, and click "Delete" from the vendor's configuration page.

As long as you can teleport to the sim/region, you can still run the Bee - just WEAR it, instead of rezzing it, and proceed as you normally would.

If you no longer have access to a sim/region that still shows your vendors, send in a ticket: send an IM to "CasperHelp Resident" for a web link, and fill out the form, including the SLURL to the sim/region (or at least the region name) so it can be taken care of.