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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Documentation remains to help people who already have the product.

Don't you just hate it when you buy stuff which is way too big to fit your AV, but yet you can't stretch it down? The KKF Resizer is the perfect way to resize those troublesome linksets.


- Automatic script dropping. No need to manually put a script into each prim.

- "Free resize" mode. Stretch your linkset down as small as it will go, then use the "free resize" to add a little size to the smallest prims, allowing you to shrink further..

- Scale the entire linkset, or just along the X, Y or Z axis (IMPORTANT: see the note at the bottom of this notecard regarding this feature)

- NEW: Resize multiple linksets at the same time

- NEW: (Optional) Now compiled for MONO for increased speed

- A "revert" button to restore your linkset to the way it was in case of any mistakes!

- Resizes all prims in proportion with each other

- Automatic updates


1. Unpack the box you purchased. You should have two items, "KKFResizerMatv1.x" and "KKF Resizer Dropper".

2. Rez the KKFResizerMat on the ground.

3. Rez the linkset you wish to resize on the ground.

4. Drop the "KKF Resizer Dropper" script onto the linkset (root prim)

5. Wait a few seconds, you should get some chat spam telling you what's happening.

6. Rename the object you're modifying so that you can find it easily

7. Take the object into your inventory

8. Rez it again (making sure it's the one you just renamed)

9. Right click, go into Edit mode


11. Wait until that's complete

12. Touch your KKFResizerMat

13. Click "Scan"

14. You should see in local chat that the linkset has been detected and that it's been automatically selected

15. Touch the mat again

16. Click "Check"

17. Watch for the messages in local chat. If everything went okay, you should see a comforting message of OK-ness!

18. Click "Resize"

19. From here you can access Size to resize the whole linkset, or Y or Z or X if you just wish to resize it in one proportion

20. Use the +++ to increase the scale by a lot, ++ to increase it a bit, and + to increase it just a little. Same for the minus signs for decreasing.

21. If you mess up, hit "back" / "main menu" to go back to the main menu, and click Revert.

22. When done, select "back" or "main menu" until you get back to the main menu, and then click Lock. Then you will be prompted, click Yes, and the scripts will delete themelves, cleaning your object.

23. Done!


REVERT - Restore all prims to their original scale and positions. FREESIZE - This will increase the size of any tiny prims (0.010m) to 0.015, allowing you to freely shrink the linkset further than previously allowed. SCAN - Check for nearby linksets CHECK - Check that all scripts were distributed correctly LOCK - Remove all scripts (freeze the object)

    • NEW**: MEGA - Increase the size of each scale increment (bigger changes)
    • NEW**: MICRO - Decrease the size of each scale increment (smaller changes)


Your resize mat may detect more than one linkset. When each one is detected, you will see a message like:

Linkset 1: Your Object

This signifies that detected linkset number one has been detected. You can manually choose which linkset to control by typing:

/900 1

to select linkset 1 for example, or /900 2 for linkset 2.


Now, as well as specifying single linksets to control using channel 900, you can specify additional linksets to resize at once. Simply type

/950 2

to select linkset 2 IN ADDITION (not instead).

To clear the list, use the "Scan" feature.


Second Life does not support the resizing of individual prims along a custom axis, and it does not allow arbitrary prim skewing. For this reason, the KKF Resizer may not be able to product a perfect scale along a single axis.

Two scenarios are possible:

1. All your prims are rotated along a global axis (it doesn't matter in which direction)

In this scenario, resizing will work perfectly.

2. Some of your prims have arbitrary rotations

In this scenario, the KKF Resizer will attempt to emulate the correct size of the prims. It will not be 100% accurate, but it should require minimal editing in order to fix the linkset.

Upcoming versions will have improved methods of scaling, so watch out for those, however they will never be completely accurate given the limitations within second life.


We check for updates on rez. So, to force an update check, just rez a copymat. They will be automatically delivered to you when available. If no update is available, you will receive no message.

Version History


- **NEW**: MEGA - Increase the size of each scale increment (bigger changes) - **NEW**: MICRO - Decrease the size of each scale increment (smaller changes) - Fixed "check" in laggy sims


- Fixed an issue where using the "dropper" in more than one object at once will cause script dropping to fail - If you try to rez a mat on a sim where you already have one, the existing one will teleport to you (if it's v1.9 or above) - THE DROPPER HAS BEEN CHANGED SO YOU /MUST/ USE THE NEW INCLUDED DROPPER SCRIPT. - Included a german manual for our german users - Updated landmarks to our new store locations - Removed the LSL2 version of the mat since server 1.25 has fixed most of the mono issues, it's stable enough now


KKF staff are available to assist you:

Tomm Olifone Felixe Thorne QD Muggins Discord Shism