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Mapper / Map Table

The mapper will show a "mini map" of your sim/region using the current LL maptile image - it should match the sim's appearance on the Grid Map accessible through your SL viewer. Linden updates their grid map snapshots every few days so if you want your Mapper to be current you may need to reset or re-rez it periodically.

You control the position of the Mapper beacons. The default is for the beacons to appear about as far above the Mapper surface as the rental boxes are above sim ground level (relatively speaking).

Mapper beacons are linked to live rental boxes on the same sim - a potential tenant will be offered an opportunity to teleport to a rental box via world map if they click a Mapper beacon.

Available units are shown in green and rented units are shown in black on the mapping table.

About The Text Colours

If you have changed your text colours in your viewer preferences, this will ALSO affect the colours of the hovertext you see.

Where's The Mapping Table?

In the CasperLet Crate. You are looking for "CasperLet Mapper", as shown highlighted in the following image:

Click to see larger image

Customising The Table

Height Modifier Scale

You can change the "height modifier" by changing the description of the mapper table - If you set it to 0.00, all units will appear flat on the table. The scale is 1% of actual height.

For example:
A scale of 1.0 would mean that a unit at 4000m would show 40m above the table
A scale of 0.1 would mean that a unit at 4000m would show 4m above the table
A scale of 0.0 would mean that a unit at 4000m would show 0m above the table

You can resize the table, rotate it or move it, and the indicators will move into place within 60 seconds.

Indicators may also be resized by touching/clicking the table and using the +Scale or -Scale buttons on the popup menu.

Customising the Beacon Indicators

To change the textures on the indicators:

  1. Rez the Mapper table and copy the MapBeacon object from its contents into your inventory
  2. Delete from the rezzed Mapper the MapBeacon object
  3. Rez the "MapBeacon" object from your inventory
  4. Drop into the MapBeacon's contents your TEX-available, TEX-rented, etc textures as you're using for your rental boxes. Remember: these textures must be full-perm for the next owner
  5. Take a copy of the modified MapBeacon containing your modified textures
  6. Edit the Mapper and drop in a copy of your modified MapBeacon

Now reset the Mapper. The MapBeacons it rezzes now should display your custom textures intead of CasperLet's default textures.

Mapper Table Beacons Look For Positions of Rental Units

The rental beacons on the mapper table are linked to the location of the primary rental units - either the "CasperLet Rental Meter" or "CasperLet Rental Box" that you have rezzed out.

The mapper is designed to take users directly to the rental unit, because that's what the mapping indicators are supposed to represent. Therefore, you cannot set a SLURL to a desired location.

Paying the Table

Paying the Beacon Indicators

Indicators may be touched, and paid, just like the actual CasperLet unit. (Each beacon automatically connects to the main rental units it sees on the sim/region.)

You currently can not customise the Mapper's beacon pay buttons, however the renter can type in the amount they need to pay, and pay their normal rent that way from the mapping table.

If the renter uses the pre-configured pay buttons from the mapper beacon, they will get a pro-rated amount of time added to their rental, unless you have "fixed payments" turned on.

Updates to Map Tiles

No Immediate Map Updates

World map tiles (the sim/region's land picture you get when you click the "Map" button in your viewer) will not update immediately on the mapper unit - Linden Lab removed the feature that allowed auto-updates, there's nothing that Casper can do about that.

Casper Warden: The inworld textures from the map haven't been updated since 2012. This is out of our control, it's LL's service. You can manually update the texture if you need to, though, by editing the object and applying your own texture. if you zoom up above your region, set your draw distance high, take a screenshot and cut it out in photoshop, you end up with something which is approximately the same (because that's what LL's service used to do anyway.)

Sphynx Soleil has observed that that the image pulled to the mapping table is about 5-7 days behind the present. If you need the table's image to be more recent than that, you'll need to do an overhead shot yourself and paste it to the mapping table - and remember to do that each time you reset the table, until the map source updates.

Known Mapper Issues & Limitations

  1. Things are only shown on the world map if they are at or below 400meters, according to the Linden Lab wiki and the Linden Lab knowledge base.
  2. The Mapper table can ONLY work in the same sim/region as the rental units. This means you cannot direct it to pull data from another sim/region.