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Setting Vendors to Play Videos

If the land your vendor is on is owned by YOU personally, you can easily set vendors to play videos.

  1. Click the logo area on the vendor.
  2. Log in to the CasperVend website - you should be taken directly to the vendor configuration page.
  3. Click "Products"
  4. Select the product you're entering the video URL *for*, and click the "edit" link.
  5. Scroll down until you see the box for "Video URL"
  6. Put the video weblink in that box and then click "save" at the bottom.

You can test this inworld by going to a vendor with that product, right-clicking and selecting "touch" and then selecting "Video" from the menu.

If the video is configured correctly, "video" will be in the popup menu.

If there is no video configured for that product, "video" will NOT be available on the touch menu.

Supported Formats

Your video needs to be in .mp4 or .mov format for it to be displayed, and CasperVend needs to be able to pull the video file directly from the website it is stored on.

YouTube videos

Currently YouTube's standard video links will not work. Casper is aware of this, but there is no ETA for a fix at this time - Google has made it impossible to "reach" directly to the video.

You'll have to upload your video to another server somewhere and provide the link directly to the video (not an embedding URL, but a direct link to the video itself.)

Troubleshooting Video Playback

The video you are linking MUST ALSO play in your viewer (you'll need a shared media/media-on-a-prim object to test this) - if it will not play in your viewer, then it won't play on the vendor either.

  1. Go to World > Parcel Details > "Media" tab
  2. Set "type" to "movie"
  3. Click "Set" next to "Home URL"
  4. Paste in your video URL
  5. Click "Replace Texture" and set it to any texture not currently in use elsewhere on that parcel
  6. Rez a prim inworld and place that same texture on that prim
  7. While looking at that prim, click the "Media" icon in the top right to play the video

If it's not playing there, then it won't play on the vendor either.

Video Helper & Group Land

If the land your vendor is on is owned by a group, you will need to set up the "video helper" first, before your vendors can play videos. If the land your vendor is on is owned by YOU personally, and NOT a group, this section is NOT necessary.

  1. Rez the video helper out.
  2. Right-click and go into "edit" mode
  3. On the general tab, click "Share with group"
  4. Then click "Deed"
  5. Video helper will turn green to indicate it's ready to work.
  6. You may now set up your vendors to play videos! </li.

The video helper MUST stay rezzed out at all times in order for your vendors to continue to be able to play product videos on group-owned land.