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CasperTech System Owners Only

Unlike some vending system operators, we don't charge for support, and we don't make you jump over hurdles to get it. Support can be obtained quickly and easily.

We are fanatical in providing the best support possible in SL, but you need to be aware that we have a strict policy of only providing support to the avatar which owns the product in question, and not to alts, business partners, managers, affiliates, or customers of our clients.

This policy applies to everyone, even to customers that we are familiar with.

You may give us permission to speak with your trusted associate regarding your account, however this will only apply:

  1. On a per-occasion basis, AND
  2. The system owner avatar must contact Casper Warden directly for each occasion to grant permission AND
  3. gives us the SL account name of the person we will be speaking with.

Please see Account Holders Only for the legal explanation behind this policy.

How Can I Get Help?

Our support staff are ready and waiting to help you, the system owner! Below are some of the many ways that you can get in touch.

Website Connectivity Errors

If you are getting an error number 400-499 when trying to connect to ANY CasperTech website, this is usually due to a browser issue, which in turn is usually because some sort of malware got itself installed.

Bringing up a new private or "incognito" type window almost always works around the malware by disabling all (or at least most) of the plugins for that window.

If you are using... Use this for new window
Chrome (by Google) "Incognito" - Ctrl + Shift + N
Firefox (by Mozilla) "Private" - CTL + N
Edge (Windows 10) "InPrivate" - CTL + SHFT + P
Safari (Mac) "Private" - CTL + OPTION + P
Internet Explorer (Windows) Unsupported - use a different web browser

If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to be aware that IE has been officially discontinued, and there are large security holes that will never get patched. As a result, we recommend you use one of the above mentioned web browsers instead.

Contact Us Directly

Not Getting the Inworld Messages?

1) Make sure you don't have "CasperHelp Resident" blocked/muted
2) Make sure you check your "IMs & Logs" or "Privacy" section in preferences, and allow IM's from ANYONE, not just friends/groups

1) When Casper is online: By IM

You can IM CasperTech Support (CasperHelp Resident) any time inworld if you need assistance.

Use this link FROM WITHIN SL to pull up his profile directly: CasperHelp Resident

2) When Casper is offline: By IM-to-Webform (Preferred)

If Casper is not online, send him an IM - not a notecard - anyway. You will receive TWO offline messages - one immediately, the second one a few minutes later. WAIT for the second one, then use the link in that message to go to the webform ticket system.

Use this link FROM WITHIN SL to pull up his profile directly: CasperHelp Resident

Utilizing this ticket method ensures that your message is in HIS system, and not trapped in the grid's messaging system which devours messages for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

If you are doing a ticket for a CasperTech item that is currently not working properly, leave the non-working one out where he can access it and make sure you complete a webform support ticket - he cannot troubleshoot a problem when you have deleted the object, or fixed it to a working condition again.

Ticket must include

  • SLURL to location of at least one of the affected items
  • Transaction ID (for vendors and rentals)
  • Description of problem
  • Circumstances in which the problem appears

Also make sure that Casper is added to any relevant security whitelists when having him check on things like DropBoxes

3) By Email

Only use email when the IM-to-webticket system is not accessible! The email is not checked in a timely manner otherwise!

You can also contact Casper by email if you wish, at

Ask In Our Support Group

When you purchased your product from CasperTech, you were sent a group invite. That is our very large user support group, and it's full of very helpful and friendly people. If you missed the invite, contact Casper Warden in second life to request a fresh invitation.

Instant Help in the Support Group

We have some shortcut commands to get immediate help in the support group. Simply type the following into Group Chat:

  1. !commands - Gives a list of the following command options as IM
  2. !ticket
  3. !profiles
  4. !caspervend
  5. !import
  6. !marketplace
  7. !slurl
  8. !updates
  9. !upgradebee
  10. !dropboxes
  11. !backups
  12. !deliveries
  13. !charter
  14. !offtopic
  15. !squirrel
  16. !rtfm
  17. !casperlet
  18. !versions
  19. !clean
  20. !yellowtext
  21. !vehicles
  22. !details
  23. !active
  24. !suggestions
  25. !webhooks
  26. !bots
  27. !scripttime
  28. !events
  29. !slack
  30. !redelivery

Things to Remember

NO Notecards!

The grid's inventory drop system loves notecards. So much, in fact, that pretty much every notecard sent is eaten before they arrive in Casper's inventory - if you've only send messages to Casper by notecard and wonder why you haven't heard back? Well, this is why.

If Casper is offline, you should always get TWO offline messages - use the link in the second message to get to the webform ticket and send him your message that way instead.