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Profit Sharing

You can enable the profit sharing option in the appropriate section on both the "Units" (bulk) page, OR in the individual unit configuration page.

Profit sharing on individual units overrides any profit sharing on the units/bulk page for those specific unit(s).

To set up profit sharing:

  • Locate the profit sharing section on the configuration page
  • Click "Add New" - you'll get a popup
  • Add the percentage to share, and the SL legacy name/account name of the person to send it to (do NOT use their display name! Display names are not searchable, thus not payable!)
  • Click "Add"
  • Popup will go away and you'll see the name with the percentage next to it.

Known Limitations

There are no notifications sent when someone is added or removed from profit sharing. The only way to verify is to do a transaction, and check the transaction logs.