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Browser Issues

Q. I get "Page cannot be displayed" in Internet Explorer when accessing CasperTech sites - how can I get this to work?
A. If you have issues accessing CasperDNS websites using Internet Explorer, your browser may be insecure. On the 2nd of October, 2013, we performed system maintenance and disabled several very old, insecure protocols. The fix is easy - press Alt+X in internet explorer. Go to Internet Options, then to Advanced, then scroll down to "Security" and make sure that "Use TLS 1.2" is ticked. (TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 will do if TLS 1.2 is not available.)
Q. What versions of Internet Explorer are supported?
A. As of October 2013, we only support versions 9.0 and up - IE8 and older do NOT support all the code used on the website. If you have IE8 or older, we highly recommend either updating to a current version, or installing Firefox or Chrome to use instead.


Q. I made a new alt / forgot my password / (etc.) - can I get a copy of CasperLet on my new avatar?
A. CasperLet is non-transferrable. Your new avatar will need to purchase a new copy.
Q. SL ate my inventory! Can I get a fresh copy?
A. Sure! Just click a redelivery terminal and get it redelivered. If you use the one at the CasperTech store all the CasperTech purchases (including CasperLet) will be sorted to the top.


Q. The website seems to get "hung up" frequently - it won't load the page (or takes forever to) when I try to change a value. What's going on?
A. Casper Warden: This is caused by a slow response from your region.
Q. I have a LOT of rental units to configure, is there a way to do this in bulk?
A. Certainly! Just click the "Units" tab at the top to be taken to the "bulk" page.
Q. What about customised states and positions?
A. See the configuring states section in the manual.
Q. I'm trying to set up multiple meters, but "Edit" and "Take a copy", then rezzing isn't working...
A1. Currently, when rezzing out a meter, the scripts will reset - this makes it a "NEW" box, with "NEW" scripts - and NO memory of the permissions and preferences given to the original. This is why re-rezzing isn't doing what you expect.
A2. You can, however, use the *menu* based Copy and Transfer functions:
  1. Touch/click the existing unit
  2. On the popup menu, select "Transfer", then "From"
  3. Set the new unit in place
  4. Touch/click the new unit
  5. On the popup menu, select "Transfer", then "Copy To", then "All" (This copies all data from first unit, including configuration)
  6. Repeat with each successive unit.
Prices may be set in bulk on the website after the configuration is all done.
Q. Does the CasperLet meter or rental box need to be on the same sim or parcel?
A. It depends on whether or not, and how, you're using the prim counter (because the prim counter cannot talk to other sims/regions):
  1. If you are not using a prim counter, it can be anywhere in SL (so yes, you can set up a central rental region in this case)
  2. If you are using a prim counter, but without "consolidation", then it has to be on the same parcel
  3. If you are using a prim counter, with "consolidation" then it just has to be on the same sim/region.
Q. Why don't my rental boxes change textures from "In Use" to "Available" when they're available to rent?
A. This is because you removed the "box@" or "m@" portion of the description field. You can change or remove anything after the "box@" / "m@", (and in fact you also need something for text after the @ sign as well) but you MUST keep the "box@" / "m@" in there or the textures will not change properly.
Q. Can the units on the ground be renamed to reflect their position or parcel name on the sim/region?
A. Just rename them inworld - on the rental unit itself. Be sure to use the NAME field, not the "description" field! The website will pick up the names from inworld the next time it syncs.
Q. Is there a way to get the sim image to load up on the website?
A. It should update within 24 hours; if it doesn't, send an IM to Casper Warden for him to take a look and see why it's not loading.
Q. Can I make the rental boxes translucent?
A. The rental boxes, yes you can and have it save with the states. The rental meters, no, it will not happen automatically - you'll have to make the changes manually.
Q. Changing transparency / size isn't working with the mesh meters?
A. You can move the mesh meters, but can't change physical characteristics like size and transparency.
Q. How do I get rid of the hovertext / floaty text?
A1. The per-unit configuration page also has a "Don't display text when unit is rented" tickbox.
A2. The bulk units page also has a tickbox for floating text in the unit options block.
Q. Is there an "Evicted" state?
A. No there is not - the rental unit should automatically go back to an available status, and use the "available" state that you've already set. (If it doesn't, it's a bug - file a bug report by sending a message to CasperHelp Resident from inworld - and following the instructions in the auto-response.

Management Issues

Q. I used Evict/Refund, but the money wasn't paid.
A1. Was time left only "bonus time"? CasperLet only refunds actual money paid, for safety reasons.
A2. Was there enough cash on the system-owning avatar to be ABLE to pay the refund?
A3. Was there a minimum rental time set? If so, was the time left less than the minimum?
A4. How quickly did you delete the rental unit after evicting the tenant? (It may not have had time to complete the process)
Q. I've tried to evict and refund, but it doesn't seem to be working!
A. There are several factors at work for this issue, so you need to keep them all in mind.
* Make sure the bot you're using is in a role that allows evict
* Make sure the renter hasn't been given a role other than what the bot would invite them to
* If you have to add the evict role, you will need to force the bot to relog. The grid isn't smart enough to update that "live and real time".
* If you are using SmartBots and need to add the evict role.... The personal bot can be relogged via the HUD, whereas if you have just the inviter bot service, you will need to contact SmartBots support to get that sorted.
* If you are evicting/refunding via the website, that requires Javascript - if it's not working, then you need to either enable javascript (not java, but javascript) or run a malware scan if know you otherwise have it enabled.
* If the evict/refund was done on the website, and no money was sent BUT the unit inworld shows as available.... Issue the refund manually, and in the future, only issue refunds via the inworld unit, rather than the website.
* Please see the CasperLet Refunds page if you believe the amount refunded is incorrect.
Q. Why can't I use the in-viewer built-in browser?
A. Casper Warden writes: "The built-in browser is pretty terrible - I wouldn't recommend using it, ever. It trims URL's, doesn't render javascript properly, and is generally broken."
Q. Can you set up the system to email you when someone rents a property? Where do I find the settings?
A1. When you configure a unit, these are the options you need to look at:
  • Notify staff when a new tenancy starts
  • Send notifications to the master avatar
  • Send notifications by email
A2. If need your managers to get notified then check this option:
  • Send notifications to managers
Q. How do you add managers to the rental system?
A1. Have the user register an account at (It will be helpful, and MUCH easier to find them if they make their CasperDNS account name match their SL account name, but they should never use the same password that they use for SL....)
A2. Once they're registered:
  • Go to the "Managers" tab
  • Click "Add Manager"
  • Add their CASPERDNS account name
Q. But when I try to add a manager, and they try to log in, it tells them they need to buy their own copy?
A1. That's because you tried to add them as a master avatar on CasperLet. Don't do that. There are SPECIFIC warnings that you should have seen, that specifically warn AGAINST that. Send an IM to Casper Warden - once you get that message, it needs a fix only he can do before you can add them as JUST a manager.
A2. Are they logged into a different account than the one you added?
Q. I had a [third party] account on one avatar, but we want to combine multiple rental owners onto a single CasperLet solution. Is there any way to use the migration tool across all accounts?
A. Casper Warden writes: "If you purchase casperlet on the other accounts too, then the migration tool can convert them all... and you can add all accounts to the same CasperLet account so it can all be managed from one place. That's the only way right now because the casperlet script is no transfer."
Q. Rental boxes are empty on website and inworld, but there should be tenants paid and current. Nothing has been deleted, nor have there been accidental deletions.
A. This means that the rental unit got corrupted and the data was lost. This shouldn't happen any more, so please contact Casper Warden inworld if you experience this. If you need an urgent fix, you can use the 'Emergency Restore' button on the website which will restore the tenant from our backups, however please be aware that Casper will not be able to look into the issue if you do this before he has a chance to look at it.
Q. Is there a "mass edit" feature on the website for the rentals or the profit sharing?
A. Yes there is. Click the "Units" icon on the top of the page.
Q. If I have several rentboxes and need to change the notecard inside them, do I have to change it manually in every box, or is there a way to change it for all of them at once?
A1. In older versions (1.19 or older), you have to change notecards manually in every box or rental meter.
A2. Version 1.20+ - Remote notecard functionality (sending from a dropbox) is available in this version and up. If you have an older version, you can get the latest from a redelivery terminal. (If you use the one at Casper's shop, it will sort your CasperTech purchases to the top of the list.)
Q. If I want to move my land tier rental boxes from each parcel of land and place them all in one central skybox do I do it?
A1. Safe way: See the section on moving your rental units for instructions.
A2. You can't "take" them into inventory, they'll lose the rental information when you re-rez!
A3. Please Note: Currently, this central tier area MUST be on the same sim/region with the rental units!

"Missing Unit" Issues

Q. The UpgradeBee is giving me these messages:
8) UpgradeBee CASPERLET ONLY v1.21: 7 units found which are eligible for update.
8) UpgradeBee CASPERLET ONLY v1.21: Upgrade cycle complete. Out of 7 units attempted, 0 were upgraded successfully. 7 units no longer exist on the region, and 0 weren't upgraded because they couldn't be contacted.
A1. The UpgradeBee does not clear out units which have been manually deleted inworld. You will need to run a website scan to actually flush the deleted ones off the list.
A2. The web scan only removes units which are currently NOT contactable. This may be because they were deleted, or because of sim/region communication issues (which is an SL grid issue, not a CasperLet-specific issue.) Units which are still inworld will be re-added to the website list when they next become active. "Active" is defined as either clicking to get a popup menu, or a renter paying the unit to start a rental.

Payments & Pay Buttons

Q. This rental unit is not currently accepting payments. Please try again later.
A1. Make sure "Accept payments" is on
A2. Make sure unit is not locked
A3. Make sure unit is not reserved
Q. My tenant paid the meter, I got the money, but no time was recorded on the meter...
A. You can manually add the time to the meter via the CasperLet control panel.
Q. My tenant paid, the hovertext updated, the website updated, but the meter itself did not?
A. This is because you removed the "box@" or "m@" portion of the description field. You can change or remove anything after the "box@" / "m@", (and in fact you also need something for text after the @ sign as well) but you MUST keep the "box@" / "m@" in there or the appearance of the meter will not update properly. This includes the "remaining time" strip.
Q. I'm getting this message: "Just a moment, please.." and time is not adding, and I'm not getting a menu
A. Quite likely the trouble is due to the website not being able to contact the rental units. Restart the region (or have it restarted if you don't have estate manager powers) and that should allow things to process properly once again.
Q. The payment went through to me - but it did not register on the meter, or the website.
A1. Check to be sure scripts are not disabled on that parcel.
A2. 1.20 or older: If payments are made within 6 seconds of each other, this will happen. If this happens to you, upgrade to 1.40 or newer, and talk to Casper directly to fix.
Q. After clicking the "evict & refund" button, the refund was not for the total rental paid - why?
A1. Casper Warden writes: "Refunds are issued pro-rata." This means that some amount is deducted from the refund to account for the time between when the unit was rented, and time the refund was issued, even if it was just a couple minutes.
A2. Any tenancies which START on 6 January, 2014 or after will use our new refund algorithm. There were a few bugs with the old refund system used before this date. The new refund system works as follows:
- Calculate the L$ value of all time left on the current rental
- Cap that L$ value at the "maximum refundable" value, which is worked out as follows:
- Calculate the total value of all L$ paid to the rental unit during this term
- Calculate the L$ value of the time "spent" (i.e the time since the rental unit was first paid)
- Subtract the time "spent" from the total L$ paid, and this is the "refund cap" - the maximum amount of L$ which can be refunded.
Q. I can't get the meter to show all 4 payment buttons...
A1. Have you set all four prices?
A2. Make sure you set the days to an amount other than 0.0, and untick/uncheck "hide".
Q. Pay buttons are showing amounts that are WAY more than what I entered!
A1. Base price per time period is set in the "price" line of the meter's configuration page. As of the time this portion was written, this is the 8th line down. The base price is multiplied by the "pay buttons" line further down.
A2. Common error points:
  1. Did you put in actual linden amounts in the "pay buttons" boxes? (If so, this will multiply the "price" line by the actual price...)
  2. Did you tick the box for "US Dollars"? (If so, that will convert the amount you entered FROM US Dollars TO Linden Dollars - and the pay buttons inworld will show prices hundreds of times what you originally entered.)
  3. Did you make sure the dropdown selections under "Price" and "Pay Buttons" match? i.e., week and week, day and day, etc.
Q. I've got a customer who's complaining that he had 3 days, 6 hours, 36 minutes and 40 second life, before he paid 4 weeks, and now he has 1 month, 20 hours, 7 minutes, and 29 seconds. What's up with that?
A1. Calculations USED TO BE 2629744 seconds, which is the average number of seconds in a month. " The math worked out to apx. 30.43 days. This has since been fixed to calculate time based on the ACTUAL calender month, so you should NO LONGER see this issue.
A2. If you still do, first...upgrade your rental meters/boxes. Then if the issue is still happening, send an IM Casper Warden and let him know. (If you get an email autoresponse back a few minutes later, fill out the form at the weblink provided in the autoresponse - otherwise his IM's will cap, and your message will be lost.)
A3. tl;dr version: Rental time per month now goes by calendar month.
Q. How far in advance can we allow renters to pay?
A. Casper Warden writes: "There's no limit." You can allow tenants to pay as far ahead as YOU want.
Q. I have a tenant that went into arrears, but it won't let her pay, it keeps giving them money back and won't give them an option to pay more. There's no blank window to fill in a different payment amount.
A. UN-tick the box for "fixed payments" on the meter configuration page - this is preventing the tentant from paying extra to cover the arrears amount.
Q. I'm trying to reserve a rental unit for someone, but it won't let them pay - they're not getting a "pay" option at all?
A1. Make sure the name it's reserved for is spelled correctly - and is their actual ACCOUNT name, not their display name.
A2. Make sure you didn't accidentally "lock" it instead.
A3. Make sure "accept payments" is set to Yes
A4. Make sure it's not set to L$0 - LSL scripts cannot accept a 0 value as valid.
A5. Make sure you don't have a "." between their first and last names

Tenant Issues

Q. I've got a renter using three (3) different rental boxes and I want to put all the locations on one box. Can I just do a transfer and have it add time together, or will each trasnfer overwrite the previous?
A. Transfer does not add time, it overwrites - you'll need to add up the time and calculate manually.
Q. I've got a tenant who will let their rent expire for a while before paying rent, and then when they pay they get a normal time block. Shouldn't they also pay for the the days in arrears?
A. As long as the tenant is still listed on the rental unit, they don't get free time - they always pay the arrears. Only when they get evicted does the rental get cleared, and if they pay after that, then they get what seems like "free time" if you haven't cleared the parcel. The solution, if they are repeatedly doing this, is to set THAT unit with a longer wait time before eviction, so that the tenant actually pays the arrears.
Q. When I use the rental system's TRANSFER function to move a tentant to a larger parcel with a higher rent (or a smaller parcel with a lower rent), is the time remaining automatically pro-rated?
A. No the remaining time is NOT pro-rated - landlord must make the adjustment manually.
Q. If I TRANSFER a renter to another unit, and then use an EMERGENCY RESTORE to put them back on the original unit, what happens?
A. Renter will be listed on BOTH units. If this is not the desired result, landlord will need to adjust manually.
Q. How do I change the tenant's name on the box? Say for example if X person rented it, but then wanted it to be in Y person's name?
A1. On the website you can remove one tenant and add another, BUT you will lose the time and have to reset it for the replacement tenant, if they're supposed to keep the time.
A2. You can also add the additional name(s) as additional subtenant(s) which will give the regular rights of a regular tenant. Just be aware that all added subtenants are additional tenants - so if the primary tenant gets evicted / stops renting, then all the subtenants get removed as well.
Q. I was trying to move a tenant from one parcel to another, but it actually deleted the customer's rental and didn't give me the option to move them to another unit.
A. Use the "emergency restore" function to put the tenant back on the original box, and then start over with using the Transfer feature.
Q. A tenant wants to have an extra person (or more) added to their rental as additional subtenants. Will CasperLet automatically evict the additional people when the time is up or will I need to evict them manually?
A. Casper Warden writes: "Additional subtenants will be evicted when the rental expires."

Website Issues

Q. I can't find where to run a website scan?
A. There are links on the overview page, and the regions page, once you log in.
Q. I reset my rental boxes and now I'm seeing TWO of everything! I tried a rescan but they're still there...
A1. The act of resetting rental boxes does not cause duplicates to appear on the website. If there are duplicates showing, it means there were others rezzed previously that were manually deleted, instead of deleted via the touch/click menu. Use the web scan to remove the duplicates.
A2. The rescan is automatically started after you click "schedule a rescan", but it can take "a while" to complete. The time it takes varies greatly, depending on how many rental boxes you have out, on how many sims/regions, and how fast the sims/regions are responding to the website query (if they're responding).