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The CasperTech User Support Group is an invite-only group, with the stated goal of uniting the CasperTech community and facilitating user to user help and support.

To get an invite, simply purchase a CasperTech product - an invite is sent automatically. If you have purchased and you missed the invite, please contact Casper Warden via his IM ticket system.


1. Technical questions and help must take priority at all times.

2. Technical support will be provided to CasperTech system owners only, for questions on the system(s) they are the owner-on-record of. See this page for reasons.

3. You MUST NOT, unless explicitly agreed with CasperTech staff, ask for help for devices not owned by the avatar you are using, even if you happen to also own the same product.

4. We expect all participants to treat others with respect and kindness.

5. We expect all participants to understand the meaning of context - see "Profanity and Context" below.

6. Off-topic discussion is permitted, providing rule #1 is not violated. For more information on this, see "Off-topic Discussion" below.

7. Profanity is permitted, providing rules #4 and #5 are not violated. For more information, see "Profanity and Context" below.

8. We discourage discussion about religion and politics, since this often results in "flame wars". But if kept civil, it's permitted.

9. Racist, sexist and hate speech are explicitly prohibited.

10. It's okay to mention other commercial products or services, even competitors of ours. However, You may only do this as part of a discussion, or when relevant to a question someone has asked. We expect such comments to be objective - avoid blanket flaming of other merchants in Second Life or their products (including our competitors)

11. Commercial spam, advertising, spammy gestures, chain mail, and defamation (including "warnings" about other Second Life users) are explicitly prohibited, except for that allowed by #10.

12. The group mostly contains other users, and not CasperTech representatives. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from users in the group, please contact Casper Warden directly.

13. As with all groups in Second Life, you must also abide by the Second Life terms of use and acceptable use policy.

14. Please try not to beat around the bush

15. This is not a democracy. If you don't like this charter, leave the group. You can still get support via Casper's IM ticket system.. Respect the group moderators and do not argue.

Group Moderators

The list of official support avatars is on the Official Avatars page.

Off-Topic Discussion

From time to time, we have someone in our group who objects to the amount of off-topic discussion, and who feels that the group should be moderated to a greater extent than it is.

We are serious about business in Second Life (both yours and ours), but we don't take ourselves too seriously. CasperVend wasn't created to be a commercial product - that happened later owing to demand. We feel that our community is a very valuable asset. It's our policy to promote friendliness and cooperation, and censorship hinders that.

We expect technical questions and assistance to take priority, but as long as this happens, we encourage off-topic discussion and banter.

  Casper Warden: some other groups are rather.... militant...  I don't feel it is a good way to encourage a community to flourish

Profanity and Context

We permit "profanity" in the group. Instead, we restrict language based on context.

It's perfectly possible to use profanity in a non-hateful way (such as using the word "fucking" to provide emphasis), just as it is perfectly possible to use benign words to spread offence and hatred.

Being intentionally rude, malicious, callous, or intentionally upsetting other users in the group is absolutely prohibited, regardless of which words were used to do so.

We WILL NOT take action against someone simply because you are offended by what they have said. We WILL take action against someone if we believe that they have intentionally and directly caused you offence.

Breaking the Rules

Our rules are extremely liberal. There should be no excuse, therefore, for crossing the line - if you do, we reserve the right to remove you from the group without warning.

In the event of any conflict regarding the group, our decision is final.

Don't Like It?

This policy is immutable. It's part of who we are. It also works - we have over 16,000 members in the community.

If you dislike it, please close the chat window and address any support queries to Casper Warden directly via his IM ticket system.