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Where to Download the BSM Sales Files

You may need to reactivate your account if it's currently inactive.
1) Go to and log in
2) Admin Menu > Import / Export > BSM Sales Data
3) This prompts you to save "MySalesExportBSM.csv"
4) Save to your hard drive

E2V Transactions

From Self-Hosted

1. You will need to contact DavidThomas to get a copy of the sales data from your webhost
2. Contact Casper to verify whether it's currently importable

From E2V servers

See the EasyVend page for instructions
Talk to DavidThomas Scorbal about getting even older data from the servers.

MD Vend Notes

When importing sales from MD Vend, you must EXCLUDE the "Status" column (set it to " --- IGNORE ---").

If you don't do this, all your sales will be imported as "failed"!

SL Transactions / Sales Files

  • SL Transaction History
1) Go to:
2) Click "Download CSV" button
3) Save the file when prompted
  • XstreetSL (for historical purposes)
1) Go to:
2) Log in if necessary
3) click "View CSV Output"
4) On the new page/tab, click File > Save As (or File > Save Page As)
5) On the save window, change .php to .csv, then click "save"
  • SL Marketplace
1) Under "My Marketplace" go to: Merchant Home > Reports > Orders
2) Change the report dates to cover the dates of all of your sales
3) Click "Go"
4) Wait for page to update
5) Click "Download CSV" link, and save when prompted

Marketplace Notes

The .csv file you download must be the ORDERS .csv, not the transactions.

It also must be from the english side, so if you natively use another language option, please change it to english BEFORE going to the orders page so that you download the english version.

Importing Sales Data to CasperVend

1) Log in to CasperVend website
2) You should be on the Overview tab
3) Scroll down and look for the "Please use this form to upload your data" link
4) Click that
5) On the next page, you will see a button for "Start a New Import"
6) Click that
7) The next page will give you the option to browse to a .csv file. READ THE WARNING!
8) When you're ready, load the file, then click "UPLOAD".
9) On the next page, you will see a variety of field names, and pulldown selectors next to each one.
10) If you have uploaded a .csv from a recognized source (any of the ones on this wiki page) then DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.
11) Click "VALIDATE NOW"
12) You will get a little black popup indicating that it is working on the file, and then present you with a table.
13) If you do NOT get the little black popup, you need to enable javascript (not java, but javascript) for the site and reload the page.
14) You will be presented with information in a table. Click "PROCEED" if everything looks good.
15) If you click "CANCEL" you'll be presented with a confirmation screen.
16) You'll arrive back at the main Third Party Import page
17) Here, you can "VIEW RECORDS", which will take you to a new page showing the import data.
18) If everything looks good, click the "FINALISE" button.
19) Click back to the OVERVIEW page.
20) Check the "System Status" box - you'll have a red link in there with "(number of) Issues" - click that
21) On the next page, you'll see a list of the imported products.
22) Click the "Associate" link to bring up a popup with a pulldown selector.
23) Select the appropriate product listing, and click "ASSOCIATE".
24) Product will immediately move to the "associated" list.
25) If you have demo items from Marketplace that you don't want associated to a product (because this determines whether it can be redelivered!) then click "Hide/Ignore"
26) You may unassociate by going to the "associated" list and clicking the red "x".
27) You may UNhide a product by going to the "hidden" list and clicking "Unhide".

CSV Updates

2013-Jul-03 From a notice by Casper Warden:

"Just an advisory to let you know that the format of the "CSV" file exportable from the CasperVend stats page has changed. The date has been changed to a format which is compatible with international versions of Excel, such as:
"2013-Jul-01 20:11"
We've also expanded from "price" to include the "gross" , "net" and "received" columns."


The sales data import function of CasperVend will ONLY accept sales data. This function cannot accept data about product setup, profiles, vendor conversion or anything else beyond sales data.

DUPLICATE DETECTION: Duplicates can only be detected when they come from the same source. Times between imports from different systems (for example, between E2V and Marketplace) will be slightly different, and use different identifiers for the same transactions.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Sometimes my statistics say "Direct Delivery" and sometimes they say "SL Marketplace" - but I don't have a MagicBox. Why does it do this?
A. As of June 2013 forward, all Marketplace data will say "SL Marketplace" for the source, regardless of whether it's a CSV upload or ANS. All old data that said "Direct Delivery" should be converted over to read "SL Marketplace" instead. This is to make it easier for the duplicate checker to reconcile actual duplicates when uploading a .csv file.
Q1. The system I'm using isn't covered here. How can I import MY data file?
Q2. I do my own recordkeeping on my inworld sales. How can I get data from CasperVend to my system (or vice-versa)?
A. Talk to Casper Warden directly - if he's offline, send him an IM, wait a minute or two for an autoresponder link to come back, and then take THAT link to the website and fill out the webform. Put as many details as you can in the webform to make it easier for him to respond appropriately. Any arrangements that can be made, need to done with the assistance of Casper himself.
Q. I've got a bunch of sales from "Unknown / Banned User" entries in my statistics - wtf?
A. This just means that the names haven't been resolved yet. They should change from "Unknown / Banned" to an actual name within the next few days. It does not mean the user is banned from the system - if they were actually banned, the transaction would not complete.