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DO NOT under ANY circumstances give your CasperLet password to another person, even someone that you trust.
DO NOT under ANY circumstances log in to a user account which does not belong to you. Doing so may result in your service being suspended without refund.
DO NOT under ANY circumstances let anyone ELSE add you as "owner" on their CasperLet account. Fixing that requires Casper's intervention.

Introductory Info

CasperLet Feature List
Change log
CasperLet Rental System contents
Web Kiosk and Rental Vendor pack contents
For scripters: rental unit API

Getting Started

Your Account Management

Create your CL Account
Resetting your CL Account Password
Change your CL Account Password
Email address updates can only be done via ticket - send an IM to "CasperHelp Resident" and follow the autoresponse instructions.

Choose the Type of Rentals You Will Be Setting Up

You provide builds for tenants to use on shared land
Examples: Shopping malls or mainland residential housing.
You provide bare land for tenants to build on
Information for both mainland and private island parcels

Managing Your Rental Business

Setting Up Your Units

Initial Unit Setup
Unit Configuration Options
Unit groups
Bulk/Global Edits
Ensuring rental state changes reflect properly on your rental units

General Business Management

Counting Prims/Land Impact
Discounts & Bonuses
Group Invites (requires an avatar bot)
Mapper table
Notecard & Landmark Delivery
Profit sharing
Setting up a rental HQ
Transaction Logs
Third party add-ons

Land Management

Manage land to prevent griefing

Managing Avatars

Manage your staff
Manage your tenants

Managing Rental Units

About Your DropBox
Clearing off deleted units
Managing Payments
Pay buttons & rental costs
Manage your rental units
Open Source Scripts: Door, Sign & others
Unit customisation
Ensuring texture changes when rented or available

Web Kiosk and Vendor Expansion Pack

Yes, you DO still need rental units rezzed out when using a kiosk!

About the Web Kiosk pack
Rental kiosk Setup
Creating rental profiles
Rule filters to sort specific units to a profile
Rental vendor setup (red & white labels)
Creating Customised Rental Vendors

Other Items

HippoRent Migration Toolkit