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  • Only one script per unit
  • Free updates, forever - UpgradeBee system will seamlessly update all units you own on each sim, effortlessly.
  • API available for third-party plugins (signs, doors, security systems, etc.)
  • Anyone can touch the unit to:
  1. Get information on pricing, prims, etc.
  2. Get information notecard (if configured)
  3. Be notified when the unit becomes available, if it's currently rented
  • Tenant can touch the unit to:
  1. Find out remaining rental time
  2. Get current prim count
  3. Get information notecard
  4. Enable/disable reminder notifications
  • Rental unit styles:
  1. Flat meter, with popup sign for notifications. Designed mainly for land or large store rentals.
  2. Square box, designed for most other rental uses such as stream rentals or where prims are scarce
  3. Mesh and legacy prim options
  • Managers & Access
  1. Set managers on website - 3 levels of granular permission sets for safety
  2. Allow managers to manage units both inworld AND via the website
  3. Units for multiple avatars accross multiple grids can be added to the same account and everything can be managed in one place. The currently supported grids are:
  • Avination (existing customers still supported, but not available for purchase)
  • Second Life
  • Configuration options:
  1. Auto-evict when rental goes overdue (can be set on, off, or after a specific time period has elapsed)
  2. set "states" that change the position, size, and transparency of the unit when rented or not rented.
  3. The units may be linked/unlinked as you wish, and the prims retextured - fully modifiable
  4. Set both minimum and maximum rental terms
  5. Assign more than one tenant to a unit
  • Lock options:
  1. Hard lock - Prevents any more payments, and evicts current tenant
  2. Soft lock - Prevents any more payments, but keeps the unit rented
  • Inworld management:
  1. Evict, refund or lock the unit
  2. Touch to enable/disable notifications
  3. Configuation
  4. Set the states (for position, size, transparence, etc.)
  5. Transfer / copy configuration
  • Full web management:
  1. maps to show you where each unit is on the sim
  2. Detailed list of rental units grouped by status, region or tenant
  3. Reserve units for specific individuals
  4. Evict tentants
  5. Give refunds pro-rata, so the remaining time is calculated and refunded
  6. Set rentable prim count
  7. Reserve a unit for someone so that it will only allow that person to rent.
  8. Rent out units via the web
  9. Set pricing on rentals
  10. Set remaining time
  11. Lock / soft-lock the unit
  12. Bulk configuration - setting pricing on all units in one shot
  13. Rental Log page showing all rentals starting with which rentals are expiring FIRST
  • Payments & Financials
  1. Accept payments of ANY amount (partial payments)
  2. Accept payments from anyone for any rental (a/k/a proxy payments)
  3. Set units to only accept payments in whole week/day/month (your set rental period) amounts
  4. Set to US Dollar payments to dynamically convert based on current exchange rate
  5. Transaction log - A detailed list of the transactions including money received
  • Notify when...
  1. Notify on eviction
  2. Notify when unit expires
  3. Notify when unit becomes available
  4. Notify on "won't renew"
  5. Send notifications via SmartBots bot avatar (direct IM's don't get lost in local chat)
  6. Notify when tenancy starts
  7. Notify when tenancy is extended
  8. Notify when tenant is over prim limit
  • Send Notifications...
  1. Via SmartBots bot avatar (direct IM's don't get lost in local chat)
  2. Via email
  3. Via IM
  4. Notifications to system owner only
  5. Notifications to all staff (system owner + managers)