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Sales, Discounts and Loyalty Rewards

Only the largest discount (if there are multiple applicable discounts) will apply in any given transaction. Discounts do not stack - only the largest of any applicable discounts will apply.

When the store credit option is used, credit is only added when actual Lindens are paid - this means if a gift card is used, no store credit is added for the value used on the gift card.

Marketplace Notes

Purchases by customers ON Marketplace do NOT accumulate credit inworld for loyalty bonuses - only count towards the "spend level" in order to quality for different levels of loyalty options. If your customers wish to accumulate credit for their purchases as well as have them count towards the loyalty levels, they must shop inworld.

Customer Discounts

Global discounts - grid-wide or store-wide

Setting vendors on a gridwide/storewide sale - See Set All Vendors for Grid-Wide Sale.

At this time, you cannot set vendors on a per-sim/region basis with a sale, other than by doing so per-vendor (see next section), or if you have different profiles for different sim/regions, then on a per-profile basis (also next section).

Global discounts apply to any CasperVend product that takes money (vendors, gatcha, etc.) AND uses the CasperVend database to control deliveries.

This means TextureVend vendors do NOT have the capacity for global discounts, since they deliver locally only, without utilizing the CasperVend database.

Discounts for everyone on...

Specific profiles - See Setting Discounts on Profiles

Specific vendors - See Setting Discounts for Everyone on a Vendor

If you set a general discount once people reach a certain amount spent in the store, only money that's paid in a purchase will count towards that spend amount. So if you set a general discount of 10% once "Person A" spends L$1,000 or more, only money they've actually paid will count towards that L$1,000 spend point. Anything used on a gift card, and any purchases someone ELSE (say, "Person B") makes to gift to "Person A" will not count to "Person A"'s spend limit.

Discounts for Groups

Group discounts may only be set on on a per-vendor basis at this time. The group discount ability requires an LSL function that compares the worn/active group tag against the group the vendor is rezzed under/set to. For details and instructions, see Setting Group Discounts on a Vendor

NOTE: HoloVend will not show a separate group discount price, but money will still be refunded for any applicable discounts.

TextureVend does not have the capability at this time for group discounts, because it does not utilize the CasperVend database (other than to track statistics), and there's no group options on the TextureVend configuration page.

Troubleshooting Vendor-Based Discounts

Failed Group Transactions

Group transactions that fail (for wearing the wrong group tag, etc) will NEVER show up in transaction statistics, and the customer will be immediately refunded.

Store Credit Not Limited To Groups

Store credit cannot be limited to group use only. You can render per-vendor discounts for group use only, just not an individiual's credit balance.

Message: "This vendor does not issue discounts or store credits"

Untick/uncheck "don't allow discounts" from the vendor's configuration page.

If SL is being stubborn, you may need to tick, then untick again.

Discounts by individual

To give a specific customer a credit balance, see Giving Individuals a Credit Balance

To give a specific customer their own discount, see Setting Discounts for Specific Customers

Loyalty Program Options

Loyalty Rewards

First, read about the loyalty program options

Then you can decide whether to:

Set Loyalty Store Credit - See Setting Customer Loyalty Credit

Set Loyalty Cash-Back Discounts - See Setting Customer Loyalty Discounts

Price overrides (Set all things to one price)

Specific profiles - See Setting Price Overrides on Profiles

Specific vendors - See Setting Price Overrides on a Vendor

Discounts/Fees/Shares are applied in this order

Customer discounts:
1) Customer discounts (i.e., if they got to a certain spending level)
2) Customer balances (i.e., spend x, get y store credit type balance)
CasperTech Fees, if applicable
3) Is it a free vendor? Then the free vendor fee applies.
4) Is it an affiliate vendor? Then the affiliate vendor fee applies.
Affiliate Gets, if applicable
5) Affiliate commission
Partner Splits, if applicable
6) Vendor profit shares
7) Product profit shares, if applicable
8) Whatever is left