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About the Transporter

The transporter is an easy to use auto-configuring teleporter.

Don't have one? You can find it in these locations:

On the SL Marketplace
On PrimBay
In the Second LIfe Grid

Basic Transporter Setup

  1. Rez one Transporter pad where you want to start
  2. Rez at least one additional Transporter pads where you want them
  3. Wait a few seconds for them to communicate with each other

CONGRATULATIONS, you now have a fully working teleport system!

For customisation options, keep reading!

Customisation Options

Name Change

Simply rename the pad inworld, and the network will update automatically. You need to use the "Name" field, not the "description" field, as shown in the image below:

Name Length

The maximum number of characters that fit on a popup menu button is somewhere around 11 characters. If you are seeing ((destinationname 1)), ((destinationname 2)), ((destinationname 3)) and so on, it means those first 11 characters are duplicated across multiple destination points.

You will need to keep those first 11 characters different between all the Transporter pads out, in order to not confuse the users of your Transporter system.

Location Change

Simply move the pad to the new location, and the network will update automatically.

Texture Customisation

  • Mesh: Look for the Transporter AO Bake for the mesh Transporter. If it's not in the shipping crate, ask Casper Warden or Sphynx Soleil for a copy.
  • Prim: The sculpted edging prim is simply tinted - you can retint it to whatever color you like. The logo prim is just a flat cylinder, so you can retexture that as you would any other legacy prim.

Hover/Floaty Text

Hover/Floaty text is on by default. This picks up the wording you have in the "description" field of the Transporter pad. To change this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set floatytext to either "YES" or "NO" depending on whether you want hover text or not.
  2. Save the notecard
  3. Change the text in the "description" field to match what you want the hover text to say.

This image will show you what needs to be changed to alter the hover text:

Use Your Own Objects

If you wish to use your own object as a teleporter, simply copy the contents of any Transporter to your inventory and then drop in the object of your choosing. If you make changes to the contents, allow a minute for the script to re-read the notecard configuration.

Currently, the contents of the Transporter are as follows:

   ACCESSLIST notecard
   Flasher object 
   IMREzEffects script
   TeleportBeacon object (This is the ball that is sat on for teleportation) 
   TP anim animation
   Transporter script

The TeleportBeacon object contains:

  Beam script
  TP anim animation

What is absolutely required for operation?

   * Both scripts
   * The "TeleportBeacon" object, for the click > menu > choose destination > sit method of operation. 
   * The "ACCESSLIST" notecard, for Transporter configuration

The scripts will look for the "Flasher" object and the "TP anim" animation, and will throw a script error if they are not there, but the transporter will still work.

If you wish to use your own animation, the name will need to be TP anim (thus it will need to be modifiable so you can rename it), but otherwise you can use any animation. (The "TeleportBeacon" object is not modifiable, so you won't be able to change the animation within that object.)

Once you have the required items in your own objects, follow the usual setup procedures outlined in the rest of this document. You will always need at least 2 on the same channel, whether it's a custom object or a default Transporter.

Privacy Options


  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set default = "DENY"
  2. Then add the names of the people you wish to allow under the [WHITELIST] section.
  3. Save the notecard


  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set default = "ALLOW"
  2. then add the names of the people you wish to ban under the [BLACKLIST] section
  3. Save the notecard

Group Only

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set default = "DENY"
  2. [WHITELIST] section must contain the word the word "GROUP"
  3. Transporter pad must be set to the group (it needs to be able to compare the worn group tag versus the group it was rezzed under/set to.)
  4. Save the notecard

Age Restriction

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set default = "DENY"
  2. Set "minimumage" or "maximumage" options to the number of days. 0 means disabled / no age restriction.
  3. Save the notecard

Tenant Access Only (When Connected Rental Unit is Rented)

  1. Open the "ACCESSLIST" notecard
  2. Change accesscontrolonly to YES
  3. Change casperlet to YES
  4. Save the notecard
  5. Repeat steps for every Transporter you have connected to a rental unit

When the unit is not rented, the Transporter pad will allow anyone to use it.

One-Way Inbound/Outbound

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set default = "DENY"
  2. Set "block" to either OUTBOUND or INBOUND depending on which way you want to block TP's.
  3. Save the notecard

Block Linking To/From Pads Owned by Others

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set "mode = PRIVATE"
  2. This will need to be set individually on all pads you don't want linkable
  3. Save the notecard

Cannot Hide Destinations

Everyone will see all the available destinations on the transporter - they just will not be able to teleport to ones that they are restricted from.

The reason there are no hidden locations is because doing so causes that pad to check with ALL the other pads, and see whether or not that avatar / that group tag is allowed for each destination. This casues an unacceptable delay before the teleport menu is shown.

Workaround: Have "hidden" destinations on a different teleport network (see "networking" section below) and put the start location pad for the other network in a hidden location that only the appropriate people know about.

Networking Options

Linking To/From Pads Owned by Others

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set "mode = PUBLIC"
  2. This will need to be set individually on all pads you want publicly linkable
  3. Save the notecard

Separate Transporter Networks

  1. Open the ACCESSLIST notecard and set "mode = PUBLIC"
  2. Change the "channel" number in the notecard.
  3. Save the notecard

NOTE: By default all Transporter pads use "Channel = 0". If you change a pads to a specific OTHER channel, it will ONLY be able to communicate with pads on the SAME specific channel. (It will only listen on a single channel, not multiple.)

CasperLet Integration


  1. Set the "CasperLet" value in the notecard to YES, and save.
  2. Wait a few seconds until the notecard has finished reading.
  3. Touch the transporter.
  4. Touch the rental unit you want to link the transporter to
  5. Watch the stream of particles which should now be emitting from your transporter. Are they going to the right unit? Click "yes" or "no". If they're not, start again from step #3.
  6. That's it! The transporter pad will now work in conjunction with your rental meter.

The CasperLet functionality will let ANYONE use the transporter when the unit is "available" - but ONLY the tenant(s) when it's rented.

By default, the transporter will ONLY take them to the location of the rental meter, however you can change this by setting "ACCESSCONTROLONLY" to YES. This will make the transporter behave as normal, except it will use the CasperLet unit to determine who can TP and who cannot.

If you like, you can set "acceptpayments" to YES which will allow people to pay the transporter pad to rent the rental unit it's linked to (if it's available). If this mode is enabled, the transporter will also duplicate any floating text which appears on the unit.

Popups vanishing

"The popup menu screen goes away too quick when I'm linking transporters - I can't click yes or no!"

No, the script did not close the popup menu. That is not currently possible within LSL at this time.

This is part of the programming behind the delivery issues with viewers like SL's "Viewer 3", where any incoming messages just *vanish* if you're not watching for them. see this video to understand the problem.

Firestorm, Singularity and Cool VL Viewer all keep popups where you can see them without any issue. Other viewers beyond these three are unknown at this time.


The Transporter cannot connect to a "remote relay" rental unit - only the primary/main unit. (The "remote relay" unit simply passes commands to the primary unit, and does not actually DO anything by itself.) You may attempt to connect to a remote relay unit, but what's really happening is the connection will be made to the primary/main unit instead.

Setting Transporter to Only Work When Rented

In the notecard, change the setting

  Default access setting which applies to everyone NOT on the whitelist or blacklist

from "allow" to "deny"

Video Tutorial

Video tutorial for the Transporter

About The Popup Menus

The reason the destination popup has ">>> 9" is so that it shows the teleport destinations starting with #9 in it's internal list, used for the avatar that clicks the Transporter.

List order is generated at the time of clicking, based on which Transporter units respond first. This may not be the same all the time. This eliminates the need to keep track of the last selection - information is stored for a variable time limit - and thus any number of people can use it at once without their choices interfering with each other.

If you have other questions on the menu buttons, look at the relevant Second Life script wiki page.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Can I sort Transporter destinations into a certain order?

A. The Transporter does not support destination sorting at this time. The pads only sort by the order in which the units receive messages from each other.

Q. I'm getting the error "llSetPrimitiveParams warning running rule #1 (PRIM_GLOW): PRIM_GLOW disallowed on agent."

A. You have an old version of the Transporter. Get the latest version from a handy redelivery terminal. If you use the terminal at the CasperTech store, it will sort all CasperTech purchases to the top of the list.