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Special Vendors

Periodically, Casper makes special vendor types available - for free - for a limited time. This page will keep track of past vendors for future reference.

Halloween 2016 Special Edition

Only one Halloween vendor in 2016, and it clocks in at 9 prims/land impact with the bats hovering around the top. However it has the benefit of giving a preview of the upcoming vendor "button" bar in all its shininess that will be used on the next version of the vendors!

Click to see larger version

Christmas 2015 Special Editions

The Christmas vendor clocks in with a land impact of 1 at the default size, making them VERY lightweight and ideal for small holiday markets.

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Halloween 2015 Special Editions

The Halloween vendor shipped with two versions for 2015 - one for regular vendors, and one for HoloVend that contains the extra REZ button. The regular version shipped with version 2.12 of the vendor script, and the HoloVend version shipped with 2.11 of the HoloVend script. Both are upgradeable with the appropriate UpgradeBee.

Clocking in with a land impact of 9 each, these are fairly lightweight, while still being seasonally appropriate.

Click for larger version
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Hippo Vend Expansion (2015)

The hippo vend expansion was available only on 1 April, 2015 and ships with a 9-panel mesh vendor containing a standard vendor script at version 2.12, and is upgradeable with an upgradebee in the future. This vendor has a land impact of 14, "because hippos are not known for being lightweight."

The limited edition hippo vendor!

Cheese Vendor (2013)

The cheese vendor, a running gag in the support group for a year or so, became a reality in April 2013. Shaped like a slice of swiss cheese, this multi-vendor has one round main panel, three round smaller panels, and two arrows.
The cheese vendor shipped with version 2.11 of the standard vendor script, but is upgradeable to the latest version with an UpgradeBee.
The infamous cheese vendor!
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Valentine Charity Gatcha (2013)

The charity gatcha, made available in February 2013, with a brief reappearance in February 2015, was sold with all the proceeds going to the Cancer Research UK organisation. This gatcha machine is heart shaped and pink, rather than the standard CasperVend gacha machine's ball shape and white/blue theme. This gatcha machine shipped with version 2.11 of the Gatcha! script but is upgradeable to the latest version with an UpgradeBee.
Valentine Charity Gatcha
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Spooky Vendor (2012)

The spooky vendor, made available in October 2012, has a theme appropriate for the fall/autumn holiday season. This vendor comes with a typical 7-panel setup, and a customised button bar underneath the panels.
The spooky vendor shipped with version 2.08 of the standard vendor script, but is upgradeable to the latest version with an UpgradeBee.
The spooky vendor!
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Egg Vendor (2012)

The "easter egg" vendor, made available in April 2012, is in the shape of an egg wrapped in a bow. This vendor was intended strictly as a "give a gift on touch" variety, and so this does not have any panels or buttons. Clicking the egg gives you a menu which allows you to choose a random color combination for the egg itself, as well as the usual admin option. The ribbon itself is tintable and does not have a color menu.
The egg vendor shipped with a special "CasperVend Egg" script and is not currently upgradeable at this time.
The "easter egg" vendor!
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Spooky Bat Vendor (2011)

This vendor, made available in the fall of 2011, is in the shape of a bat holding a vendor. This shipped during the time of the original v1 series of vendors, so while it can't be used as-is, you can replace the vendor component with a more current model and have it work just fine.

The "Spooky Bat" vendor!
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Unreleased Vendors

Candy Corn Vendor

This was never released due to issues with the build.

The "Candy Corn" vendor!
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