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Rental offices are not officially supported. Consequently, your mileage may vary, and results are not guaranteed. This is merely a compilation of notes gleaned from other people who have set up a rental office HQ area using CasperLet.

Shared Land or Tenant Takes Ownership?

HQ on Separate Region

If you want to set up a centralized tier payment station on one region, with parcels on another (or on multiple other) regions, you can NOT use a prim counter (because the prim counter only talks to primary rental units that are in the same region as the prim counter.)

If you have only a single sim/region, you may set up your tier/payment station using main/remote relay rental units and a deeded prim counter.

But you may not need a prim counter, depending on how you rent your land! See below.

Islands - Tenant Takes Ownership

  1. No need for prim counter (they can't use more prims than their parcel allows)

Shared/Communal Land (Malls, etc.)

  1. Make sure the tenant's role in land group does NOT allow object return for anyone else's objects
  2. If you wish to count prims on a parcel other than the one the rental unit is rezzed on, you need to enable "Prim Consolidation", which will effectively count on all parcels owned by the same land owner.
  3. Use a prim counter to properly keep track of everyone's prim/impact usage.

Rental Vendors

  1. You will need the Web Kiosk pack available at the CasperTech store inworld.
  2. See the page on rental vendors for details on setup.

Transporter Link

  1. Set the "casperlet" value in the notecard to YES, and save.
  2. Wait a few seconds until the notecard has finished reading.
  3. Touch the transporter.
  4. Touch the primary/main rental unit you want to link the transporter to
  5. Watch the stream of particles which should now be emitting from your transporter.
  6. Are they going to the right unit? If so, click "Yes"
  7. If not, click "No" and start again.
  8. That's it! The transporter pad will now work in conjunction with your rental meter.

The CasperLet functionality will let ANYONE use the transporter when the unit is "available" - but ONLY the tenant(s) when it is rented.

By default, the transporter will ONLY take them to the location of the rental meter, however you can change this by setting "ACCESSCONTROLONLY" to YES. This will make the transporter behave as normal, except it will use the CasperLet unit to determine who can TP and who cannot. If you like, you can set "acceptpayments" to YES which will allow people to pay the transporter pad to rent the rental unit it's linked to (if it's available).

If "acceptpayments" is enabled, the transporter will also duplicate any floating text which appears on the unit. Floating text is all-or-nothing. You can have it, or not, but you cannot limit where the floating text shows beyond simply on or off.

Transporter is sold separately

While you may link up the Transporter with a rental unit, the Transporter pack itself is NOT included in the CasperLet shipping crate. Transporter is a separate purchase.

Known Transporter Issues & Limitations

Q. Can I lock/pair a transporter unit to a specific rental unit?
A. Yes, but.... it will only lock/pair to a primary/master rental unit. If you attempt to lock/pair a transporter to a remote/relay unit, it will actually lock/pair to the corresponding primary unit, since the remote/relay unit just passes that command/click on to the primary unit.
Q. Can I sort Transporter destinations into a certain order?
A. The Transporter does not support destination sorting at this time. The pads only sort by the order in which the units receive messages from each other.
Q. I'm getting the error "llSetPrimitiveParams warning running rule #1 (PRIM_GLOW): PRIM_GLOW disallowed on agent."
A. You have an old version of the Transporter. Get the latest version from a handy redelivery terminal. If you use the terminal at the CasperTech store, it will sort all CasperTech purchases to the top of the list.
Q. Can I have only certain destinations listed to the public?
A. This is not a feature in the Transporter because of performance issues - as it requires checking every Transporter pad to see if it can be shown to the user clicking, each time the Transporter is clicked. This makes an unacceptable delay before the menu is shown.
Q. I've got one rental unit linked to a Transporter pad, but why I can't I link the next one?
A. Casper Warden: you can only link one rental unit per transporter