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Items That Are No-Copy to the Merchant

CasperVend can handle limited availability items (such as breedable or gacha items) easily!

Limited Availability items are items which are no copy to you. This does NOT include stuff that you've created and merely unticked the "copy" checkbox on.

  1. Put the no-copy item in the dropbox.
  2. Your Dropbox(es) will handle quantities of no-copy items automatically.
  3. Set up the product as normal. You only need to select ONE of the particular type as the product to deliver any of the same base name.

Important Note

Items will "rename" themselves with a " 1", " 2", " 3" as you put multiples with otherwise-the-same-name in the box.

DO NOT RENAME TO GET RID OF THE NUMBERS! The system will ignore the auto-added trailing numbers automatically!

If you try to remove just the numbers, there is currently an SL bug that will destroy ALL EXTRA COPIES of the same item type with the otherwise-exact same name.

About Stock Numbers

The stock count will reflect the number of items that the CasperVend system believes are currently available for delivery. This means that if a DropBox becomes unavailable (such as during a rolling restart, or if the sim/region communications "go dark"), the stock count may not include the items from an unavailable DropBox.

Item Out of Stock?

If you run out of stock on an item that is no-copy to you, the merchant-owner, the following things will happen:

  1. Product will stay ON the vendor
  2. Any monies paid will be refunded to the customer, along with a popup explaining why the money was sent back.
  3. You will, of course, need to restock when you have a fresh supply of the product.

The customer will not lose any money; if they complain because they didn't read the popup and didn't notice they got paid back, just refer them to their SL website/dashboard transaction history where they'll see the payment AND refund in their transaction list.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. Where on the website does it show how many items are left?
A. You should see an "estimated stock remaining" count on the products page. This is ONLY an estimate; due to many complex factors, it is not guaranteed to be absolutely correct, but it WILL give you a rough guess, and it WILL be updated at regular intervals.
Q. I have multiples of the same no-copy item. Can I put them all in the dropbox? Will the system keep track of them all or do I need to set up profiles for each?
A. The system automatically takes into account the fact that SL adds a # after multiples of the same item, so there's no special setup needed. Do NOT rename any of these to remove the trailing number or you run the risk of losing all extra copies with the exact same name due to an SL bug!
Q. I have lots of no-copy items with different names, but I don't want to have to keep creating products in CasperVend or updating the product to set it to the new item.
A. Create a box with a standard name, and put each of your no-copy items into one of these boxes. That will allow you to associate all of these items with a single CasperVend product.

Not What You Were Looking For?

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