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When Submitting Tickets, We Always Need


1) Transaction ID's - these are ALWAYS sent to the customer when they pay, vieweable in their local chat history.
2) Direct Map SLURL to the affected Vendor or DropBox. Stand next to the item, bring up the big SL world map, click "Copy SLURL", and paste into the ticket.
3) You may also obtain the transaction ID from your sales log: Sales Log Page - locate the affected transaction, then on the far right column, click the blue (i) - that will open a webpage directly to that transaction. Copy that weblink and paste into the ticket.


1) Transaction ID - This is NOT findable within CasperLet, you will ALWAYS need to ask the tenant for it.
2) Direct SLURL to the affected rental vendor, rental unit, prim counter, CasperSafe orb, CasperSafe Encforcer, etc. Stand next to the item, bring up the big SL world map, click "Copy SLURL", and paste into the ticket.

How to Properly File a Ticket

Links to file a ticket are user-specific AND time/date specific. This is so that the ticket can have the correct account name when the support team looks at them.

Old links will time out.

Do NOT use someone else's link, or your ticket will be filed under their name, and YOU won't get any responses.

Do not re-use old tickets for unrelated new support queries.

Option 1

From within the group chat, type:


If the bot is working, you will get a "I have just sent you a link to file a ticket" message in group, and then a private IM with a link.

If the bot is NOT working, proceed to option 2...

Option 2

Inworld, pull up the profile for "CasperHelp Resident" and sent that account an IM.

If the service that account is tied with is working, and the account is online, you will receive a message back in a few minutes with a link. (It takes time to process the message and send a response.)

Once you receive the message with a link, CLICK THAT LINK and fill out the ticket.

Simply sending an IM is NOT filing a ticket, and your issue will consequently NOT be recorded.

Vending At Events

When participating in any Event (not on your region) please remember to use the event vendor replacement script. See video for explanation.

See the Event Vendor Script page for details on how and when to use.

Swapping to the event script must be done BEFORE THE EVENT OPENS - otherwise the sim/region will be too laggy to process the change and the vendor won't work.

We also strongly suggest you contact an Event Coordinator to request they run an Upgradebee for main vendors only in 'check' mode AFTER the event when the vendors have been returned.

Keep Your Stuff Updated

We can not stress this enough. PLEASE keep your CasperTech products up to date.

Updates are ALWAYS for a reason.

Most features and improvements are server side, so you never need to do anything.

Updates inworld are always to address some issue that has arisen which can't rely only on the "back-end" web programming.

See the Updating page for details.


If you need to check the version of your CasperTech systems, and crucially, their components, please check the current versions page. Appropriate change logs will be linked at the bottom if you wish to see what changes were made.

Underused Feature: Restrict Duplicate Copies

If you sell "copy / to next owner" products, please remember to enable the "Restrict duplicate copies" option on your CasperVend Overview page - Bottom left

That automatically prevents people from repeat buying copiable things they already own (and saves YOU the work of having to refund once they realise it.)

Also applies to GIFTED products - based on whether the recipient already owns the item.

Sales are refunded, and redelivery automatically sent.

REMEMBER: Set your permissions correctly on your product listings!


In the rare event of a system outage, it is critical that you follow these steps:


Our system has off-grid backup servers which will catch and store AND RECOVER transactions even during a global outage, as long as your CasperTech items are ALREADY up to date.

However, if you reset, re-rez, try to update mid-outage, delete your vendors or rental units, or are running out of date systems, this is NOT GUARANTEED.