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Unit Configuration Options
Option Name Information & Instructions
Unit Group This uses the groups that you have already defined within CasperLet. See the Unit Groups page for details and instructions.
Images WEB KIOSK VENDORS ONLY Enter the UUID for your rental texture. These are ONLY shown on the red-and-white rental vendors.
Plot Location By default, this is the same as the rental unit's physical location inworld. Otherwise, you can enter a SLURL for the parcel if your units aren't near the parcel.
Description This is a description that appears on the rental listings shown via the Web Kiosk. If you don't use the web kiosk pack, you can ignore this option.
Rented If rented, this will show the account name of the renter. If it isn't currently rented, there are "emergency restore" and "set rental" options.
Previous Tenant Lists the account name of the last avatar who rented it.
ParclID Shows the UUID of the parcel - most people don't need this information, but scripters sometimes do.
Reserved If reserved, this will show the account name of the avatar it is reserved for.
Locked This will show either yes or not, and give you the option to change the lock status.
Accept Payments Default is yes. Click "Change" if you wish to prevent it from accepting payments.
Time Renaming If the unit is currently rented, this will show the time remaining. Otherwise it will show "N/A".
Time Adjustment This just allows the staff with web access to add time to the existing rental. It doesn't display any time remaining.
Price Shows the current L$ price per time unit. You can change this, just remember to also select the time units (for example: weeks) again otherwise saving this will overwrite your previous option.
Discount Levels Use this option to add a discount level (for example, if you give a cashback after paying a certain amount of money in one payment.)
Bonus Time Use this option to set how much bonus time the user gets when they pay for a certain time block in a single payment.
Land Impact Shows how much land impact the rental allows for.
Extra Allowance Shows any extra prim bonus you have configured within CasperLet. (Only useful for rentals on shared land.)
Reset the unit Forces the unit to update its data from the website.
Minimum Tenancy This sets the minimum amount of time a tenant must pay pay for using the rental unit after the rental has begun.
Initial Minimum Tenancy This sets the minimum amount of time a tenant must FIRST pay for to start the rental.
Maximum Tenancy This is the maximum amount of time a tenant may "pay ahead" for. If this is for short term rentals, then use a shorter max time. Otherwise, a longer time is recommended so tenants may "pay ahead" without having to return every week.
Pay Buttons See the Pay Buttons page for instructions.
Profit Sharing This is where you add any profit shares from tenant payments.
Subtenants You may add additional subtenants here - maximum of 10 subtenants, in addition to the primary tenant.
Info Notecard This is where the general information notecard is selected to be sent to prospective tenants.
Landmark Select the landmark for either the parcel or your rental HQ. (Only allows 1 landmark.)
Tenant Notecard Select the notecard that goes to your tenants AFTER they have rented the unit.
Group Invite Bots By DEFAULT, this uses the options you have set up under the bulk "units" page. If you want a different invite bot used for this particular unit, you may click the "Override" button and follow the prompts.
Options Box If you change any of the options in this box, you must change ALL to your desired settings - it doesn't "remember" previous settings, so any left unticked will be overwritten.
  • Disable Reminders (May also be disabled by tenant)
  • Fixed payments only (Only allows payments by clicking button amounts on pay floater)
  • Display floating text above the unit
  •    Display name of tenant in floating text
  •    Display object name in floating text
  •    Display remaining time in floating text
  • Don't display text when unit is rented
  • Don't deliver landmark unless rented
  • Disable prim counting
  • Count prims belonging to ANY avatar (this includes objects from landlord/staff)
  • Auto-Evict after ___ hours (Set number of hours before tenant is auto-evicted from the rental)
  • Auto-Evict with no delay if "won't renew" is ticked
  • Enable object return (See Scripted Autoreturn Info)
  • Use prim consolidation (Combines multiple rental unit totals for same avatar)
  • Prevent tenant from being able to add subtenants
  • Prevent NON-tenants from paying the rental unit
  • Skip confirmation dialogue (asks avatar if they meant to pay that unit) when non-tenants pay
Notifications You cannot change the frequency OR the wording of the notifications. You can, however, turn various notifications off or on.

If you change any of the options in this box, you must change ALL to your desired settings - it doesn't "remember" previous settings, so any left unticked will be overwritten.

These options determine IF the specific notifications even get sent:

  • Notify staff when unit expires
  • Notify staff 24 hours before expiry
  • Notify staff when a new tenancy starts
  • Notify staff if a tenancy gets extended
  • Notify staff if a user goes over their land impact limit
  • Notify staff when a user is evicted
  • Notify staff when a user indicates they "Won't Renew"

These options determine WHICH staff get the notifications:

  • Send notifications to the system owner
  • Sent notifications to managers

These options determine HOW the notifications are sent:

  • Send notifications by email (Gets human-readable message sent to email you have on file with CasperLet.)
  • Send notifications by IM (sends inworld notifications, readable inworld, but looks weird in your inbox when your IMs go to email)
  • Send notifications via SmartBots (Requires a SmartBots bot - See SmartBot notifications section for details.)