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Important Reminder

IMPORTANT: For your own security, please do not use the same password that you use in any other vending systems, or in Second Life. Doing so runs the risk of multiple points of malicious compromise if someone manages to figure out your password.

Creating Your Account

If you have trouble coming up with a secure password on your own, you can use the Gibson Research High Security Password Generator. If you need a "password keeper" utility on windows, you can try Password Safe

  1. Go to the CasperDNS Login Page. You will arrive at what looks like a login prompt. Don't panic, just keep following the instructions.
  2. Enter your username. Your CasperDNS username does not have to match your inworld avatar account name, but some folk find it easier if it does. CasperLet account names can not be changed, so make sure you use something you will be happy with.
  3. Enter your desired password (your password should be UNIQUE and not used anywhere else, again, do not use the same password that you use in any other vending / rental systems, or in Second Life.) and click ok. You'll be taken to a new screen.
  4. Enter your email address, the same password again, and click ok.
  5. You'll be presented with the CasperDNS front page. You are now logged in to CasperDNS at this point and can now do things in CasperLet (if you have rental units, or are a manager on someone else's CasperLet units).

Password Reset (when you don't remember your password)

  1. First, log out of CasperDNS if you're currently signed in ("Log Out" in the top right).
  2. Go to the CasperDNS Change Password page.
  3. Click the "lost password" button - you'll be taken to a screen with 3 options.
  4. Most likely you'll be using the third option - "I know my avatar name" - so tick that button and type in your SL avatar name (NOT your display name) in the box and click ok.
  5. The website will display a message telling you that an IM was sent to you in local chat.
  6. Open your chat history inworld and look for this message:
  7. "CasperTech System Message: Hello, [yourname]. You (or someone who has your avatar
    name) have requested to reset the password on your CasperTech account. IF YOU DID
    NOT REQUEST THIS ACTION - Please ignore this message. IF YOU DID REQUEST THIS
    ACTION - Please click the following URL to complete the password reset..."
  8. Click the URL. You'll be taken back to the website, with a page asking you to enter your new password in twice.
  9. Click "OK"
  10. The website will tell you everything is all set. You're done!

Changing Your password (When you remember your old one)

  1. Go to the CasperLet website and login to your CasperDNS account.
  2. Click "Change Password" link in the top right, and follow the on-screen instructions.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Users With "AutoFill" In Their Web Browsers

CasperVend and CasperLet are currently both branches off the domain. As a result, if you have "AutoFill" enabled in your web browser, BUT you have only set up ONE of the two accounts previously, you will see autofill automatically adding the password to the password field of the 2nd even though you have not set up an account yet. This is an expected event with AutoFill enabled. Simply clear out the password it puts in, and choose a different one for the 2nd account.

Redirect Loops / Not Redirecting

You may have something installed which is blocking cookies.

If you are using Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N to bring up an Incognito window and try again.

Javascript (not Java!) should be allowed to run for both and