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Adding a CasperLet manager

Cannot Limit Managers by Region or Group

Currently, adding a manager can only be done globally. This means they will be able to manage all of the units on your CasperLet account, regardless of where on the grid those rental units are located. (CasperLet does not currently support rental groupings.)

This is a MULTI-STEP, MULTI-PERSON process, as follows:

Landlord Must Do These Steps

STEP ONE - Manager Creates CasperDNS Account

  1. Have your manager register for their own CasperDNS account
  2. It is *very* helpful if they sign up as their SL account name, rather than a random other name - however they should NEVER use a password that is in use for any other service, it should always be a unique password
    (see how to create an account on CasperDNS for details)

STEP TWO - Get Manager's CasperDNS account name

  1. Once they've done so, have them tell you the name they signed up under

STEP THREE - Grant Manager Website Permissions

This step allows the manager to use the CasperLet website - under their own login - to manage units remotely.

  1. Log in to YOUR CasperLet account
  2. Go to the managers page
    "Add manager" link
  3. On the "Managers" page, look for the link in the dark bar named "Add Manager" and click that
  4. You'll get a popup window with a space to add a name.
  5. If the popup has only text and no input box, you clicked the wrong option! Click "Cancel" and go find the right link.
  6. Enter the CasperDNS user name your new manager gave you, and click OK
  7. You will then be taken to a permissions page - you'll see three blocks of items, color coded for risk level
  8. Tick the options you want THAT manager to have, and click "save permissions" at the bottom.
  9. Once complete, have your manager/staff do step 4, below, in order for them to use managment options on units inworld.

Be very certain you trust the manager if you are granting medium or high risk permissions!

Managers/Staff Must Do This Step

STEP FOUR - Manager Adds Themselves To Manage Inworld Units

This step allows the manager to get the inworld options and the extended manager menu directly from the rental units that are rezzed out.

  1. Your manager logs in to THEIR CasperDNS account
  2. They need to go to the CasperLet Managers tab
  3. If there is a selection of landlord names, they need to pick the section with your name.
  4. Then they need to add themselves using the Managing someone else's CasperLet system? [Add your own avatars to this account] link.

If the wrong avatar was added in THIS area, it will need Casper's intervention to remove. So be VERY CAREFUL!

Staff Notifications

You can choose to enable notifications for you and/or your manager(s).

The "Staff" option in the notification section simply refers to both system owner AND managers, BUT it will only send to which ever ones are ticked.

Known Limitations

TENANT NOTIFICATIONS: Additional subtenants do NOT receive a copy of the notifications that the primary tenant does - only the primary tenant will get them.

STAFF NOTIFICATIONS: You cannot pick and choose which admin/manager gets which messages. The relevant notifications are either sent, or not sent, to all of them.

Per Casper Warden, there is no limit on the number of managers you can actually have, but there is a limit on the number of managers the API will report (due to LSL "string" length limitations.)

Why Don't My Staff Get Notifications?

There are a few reasons that your staff may not get, or miss, the notifications. These include:

  • May have disabled notifications
  • May have accidentally muted the rental unit(s)
  • "Staff" option may not be checked for your staff to GET the notices
  • SL just sucks. This means messages from scripted objects don't always arrive, especially if the staff is mid-teleport when the message is sent, or the region isn't listening to outside communications.

Remember: As long as the notification settings are identical for all staff, the differences in one or more staff receiving or NOT receiving notifications (relative to the rest of the staff) are down to viewer options, the grid itself, or the staff member not noticing when they come across their local chat.

Reminder Notification Options

By default, CasperLet sends "object IM's" as reminders. These MAY sometimes get lost, or the customer may miss seeing them in their local chat.

You may choose to connect a bot service to CasperLet in order to send avatar-to-avatar IM's (these don't get lost as often as object IM's do), however currently the only third-party bot service that will support this is SmartBots - and you will need the "Personal Bot" rather than the group inviter bot.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. My manager isn't receiving inworld notifications of time remaining on rentals - how come?
A. It can be for any of the following reasons:
  1. Their avatar isn't added to the CasperLet account as manager
  2. It was missed in local chat (they need to look in their local chat buffer)
  3. They may not have received it yet if you JUST received yours (They may arrive a few minutes apart)
  4. Sometimes object IM's don't reach the target user - IM's in SL are (currently) simply not reliable
  5. They may have turned off receiving notifications
  6. They may have been in mid-teleport at the point when the message arrived to them. (SL treats someone mid-teleport as if they've logged off, even though they're just moving from sim/region to sim/region.)