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Where To Buy

Free Trial Version with Restrictions

Premium Version

What's In The Crate?

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Notecard Information

  • 1) README CasperLet Instructions

Upgrade Tools

When using an UpgradeBee, remember that the Bee will ONLY contain the script version it shipped with - you must ALWAYS get a NEW version of the Bee in order to upgdate your units to newer versions!

  • 3) UpgradeBee CASPERLET ONLY
  • 4) UpgradeBee DROPBOXES ONLY

Rental Units

These are the main/primary units you rez out for tenants to pay into for their rental.

  • CasperLet Rental Box (1 prim)
  • CasperLet Rental Meter (4 prim/2 impact)
  • CasperLet Rental Meter Mesh (1 prim / 1 land impact)

Sample Scripted Items

These are provided "As-Is" with no support or warranty of functionality.

  • Demo CasperLet door
  • Demo CasperLet sign

Scripted Tools

Slave/Relay Units

These are essentially "dumb terminals" - all they do is relay commands to the main unit they are linked to - you cannot use these by themselves, they must ALWAYS be linked to a respective main unit.

  • CasperLet Slave Box (1 prim)
  • CasperLet Slave Meter