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Requirement: Experienced Builder

  • You must know how to build a "physical" item "from scratch".
  • This does not mean simply retexturing or combining full perm kit items.
  • You must know how to create and edit both objects and their contents.
  • You must be able to edit individual prims/objects in a linkset.

Vendor customisation is an advanced skillset that depends on you already having these experienced builder skills.

Because this is a more advanced skillset, we do not provide technical support for this process beyond the scope of this docunentation.

Customising Your Rental Vendors

Customisation Overview

There are three (3) parts to customising your own rental vendor objects:

  1. Required: Mapping the buttons and panels.
  2. Optional: Changing textures to suit your rental company's brand
  3. Optional: Mapping the rezzable beacon

If you don't care about whether the beacon gives an indicator on the vendor for where the rental is on the sim, or customising the vendor textures, you may skip the optional parts.

Otherwise, follow the beacon mapping section below.

Copy The Needed Parts

You will need some of the items within an official rental vendor in order to complete the customisation process.

  1. Rez an official rental vendor from inventory
  2. Right-click > Open > copy to inventory
  3. You should now have a folder with 5 notecards, 2 textures, 1 script and 1 object
  4. Rez your custom rental vendor object
  5. Start following the customisation steps below

Custom Textures

NOTE: If you don't wish to use custom textures, simply drag the corresponding official ones over from the folder in your inventory that you received when unpacking the official rental vendor.

If you wish to replace the default official textures, you will need two (2) customised textures:

1 named:
1 named:

The default ratio for textures is 1:1 - square.

Mapping Buttons & Panels

This uses the standard vendor mapping process, the same as CasperVend does.

You may pick up a copy of the FREE CasperVend vendors to get the customisation pack that has the standard vendor mapping helper script.

Once you have that, see the CasperVend custom vendors page for instructions on how to proceed.

Mapping the Beacon

1) Keep your custom rental vendor object rezzed
2) Rez the Beacon Mapping Helper
3) You will get a message in local chat:
    Hello! Rez me on top of your vendor, size me so I cover the whole of the main panel, then drop the Beacon Mapping Helper Client script into the vendor
4) Follow those instructions
5) Once you do that, you'll get another message in local chat along these lines:
     Beacon Mapping Helper: ORIGIN: <set of 3 coordinates>
     Beacon Mapping Helper: ROT: <set of 3 coordinates>
     Beacon Mapping Helper: MIN: <set of 3 coordinates>
     Beacon Mapping Helper: SCALE: <set of 3 coordinates>
6) The "set of three coordinates" will look something like this: <0.01445, 0.00391, -0.00003>
But they will change with each new object. Do not just copy/paste the examples here, copy the ones from your local chat, complete with the angle brackets.
7) You will then need to create 4 new notecards:
1 named:
        ORIGIN: insert set of 3 coordinates
1 named:
        ROT: insert set of 3 coordinates
1 named:
        MIN: insert set of 3 coordinates
1 named:
        SCALE: insert set of 3 coordinates
8) The notecards do not use any content in them. The script is simply looking for what they're named.
9) Put your new notecards in your custom rental vendor object

Last Step

  1. Simply drag the "Beacon" object, and the script called "CasperLet Rental Vendor" from your inventory, into the contents of your new vendor object.
  2. Grant debit permissions - the vendor will not function without them.

If you've followed all the parts correctly, your new custom rental vendor is now ready for use!