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Support Is For System Owners Only

CasperTech has a strict policy of only providing support to the avatar which owns the product in question, and not to business partners, managers, affiliates, or customers of our customers.

This applies to everyone, even customers that we are familiar with.

You can give permission for someone else to talk with us about your account, however this will only apply once, so you'll need to do this every time you want someone else to talk to us on your behalf.

Why Only System Owners?

For your safety

We care greatly about your security. We will only talk to you, because even seemingly benign information being communicated with the wrong party can cascade and have devastating consequences.

Skip to 2 minutes 30 seconds in the video below if you don't believe that this is important.

How "social engineering" hacking works

It's the law

CasperTech Ltd is a company based in the UK, and we are subject to the rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act. We are obliged to verify the identity of customers who contact us, and the only reliable way for us to do that in Second Life is from the avatar name.

GDPR (Effective May 2018)

See the GDPR blog post at the CasperTech blog for details.

So we can still function

Your business can grow, and hopefully it will. As your sales network expands, as you take on staff, as you distribute affiliate vendors, the cost of supporting the extra people involved will grow exponentially. This is something that you must take care of, because it's your business. Our obligation is to you, our customer, and that is all.

If we had to provide support to your business partners, managers, affiliates and customers, there would simply not be enough time in the day to provide support to everyone.

You are responsible for training your staff, and for providing support to your customers and affiliates.

Because only you have access

Often, we may need you to drop a script into a vendor or a rental unit in order to complete the diagnosis, or to prepare a fix. Such a script will be no-mod and no-transfer, thus only the owner of the units/vendors in question is actually capable of doing this.