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CasperTech Fees Charged

Fees are charged on certain services. These are often referred to as "commission", because they generally represent a percentage of your sales.

There is never a charge for receiving technical support.

CasperVend Free Vendors

CasperVend Free charges 5% for all transactions, whether in your store or via affiliates.

CasperVend Premium / Fat Pack

CasperVend Premium is commission free inworld, in your store.

CasperTech fees for Premium vendors are only charged for sales via affiliate vendors; the fee in that case is only 2% (versus the Free version's 5%).


CasperTech fee on PrimBay sales are 2% for all PrimBay transactions, excluding free products.

Free Items

We don't levy any fee for items being sold for free. This will never change.

How fees are calculated

On the 16th of November, 2013, we changed the way that fees are calculated.

Previous Behaviour

- Free vendors charged 5%, rounded up to the nearest L$ - Affiliate vendors charged 2%, also rounded up to the nearest L$, except transactions valued below L$10 which were free.

New Behaviour

We have now implemented a system we call "fee tallying". It aims to make the system fairer for all.

Every time you make a sale, the value of that sale is added to your "tally". When taking commission, we now round down to the nearest L$. We then take the amount charged for off your tally.

This is like a running total, with commission taken when appropriate. Some examples:

Scenario: Free Vendor, 5% commission Sale: L$6. Tally: L$6, no commission taken Sale: L$6. Tally: L$12, no commission taken Sale: L$6. Tally: L$18, no commmission taken Sale: L$6. Tally: L$4, L$1 commission charged Sale: L$6. Tally: L$10, no commission taken

Scenario: Affiliate Vendor, 2% commission Sale: L$549. Tally: L$49, L$10 commission taken Sale: L$549, Tally: L$48, L$11 commission taken

I'm confused..

Ok, so here's the new system in a nutshell.

The result is that you are charged on the total sales you make, not on each individual transaction. This means that you end up paying exactly the right amount, with no rounding up or down - we believe this is the fairest system for all.