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"Store Offline" error

 CasperVend System: Transaction ((string of alphanumeric characters)) failed because "Reason: This store is currently offline - please try again later." 

This means that the "panic button" has been turned on, whether accidentally or intentionally. This has the side effect of blocking, and refunding all inworld sales transactions, effectively suspending inworld operations.

(This does not have any effect on Marketplace sales, as those take place outside of the CasperVend system.)

This is not on by default in CasperVend - you have to click it and turn it on.

If this was not intentional, it may have been due to a stray click, or a pet distraction originally. If you haven't used the vendors in a while, it may have been turned on long enough ago that you've forgotten doing so.

To turn off panic mode, just log in to the CasperVend website, go to the Overview page, and look for the panic button setting and click it to make it "not active".

About the Panic Button

While extremely rare, it's always a good idea to be prepared for emergency situations.

Such a situation may be that you have made a configuration error that results in people being able to get a product for free, or perhaps someone was able to obtain your password and obtain access to your account, or maybe you accidentally gave a gift card out in a group notice (you should also contact Casper if you've done that with gift cards...)

In such an eventuality, there is now a "panic button" option on the CasperVend overview page. This panic button will immediately begin blocking and refunding ALL transactions through CasperVend - effectively suspending your store's inworld operations (this has no effect on Marketplace listings) - so you have time to address the problem. You can see where the panic button switch is on the following image (The panic button is shown is in red here, for emphasis, but will be in normal colors on the CasperVend website):

Panic Button.png

When you toggle this, it will automatically contact CasperTech staff so we can perform an emergency response, so don't be surprised if you get an IM.

 Currently, this option only contacts Casper Warden - other support staff do not get paged at this time.

When the emergency is over, you can simply toggle the panic button link off again.