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Mission Statement

Welcome to CasperLet!

The goal of this system is to provide you with a feature rich, stable, good looking rental network with very low resource usage.

You'll be able to use this system to rent our stores, streams, anything you like! It's so fast and SO EASY you'll be up and running in no time.

With only 1 SCRIPT per rental unit (versus 21 per HippoRENT unit), by switching to CasperLet you're guaranteed to reduce your sim/region lag!

Of course, you get the same committed support my customers shout about.

Check out the extensive feature list for details of what CasperLet can do for YOU!

Where To Buy

Trial Version with Restrictions

Premium Version

What's In The Crate?

Rental Unit Styles

  • CasperLet Slave Box (1 prim)
  • CasperLet Slave Meter
  • CasperLet Rental Box (1 prim)
  • CasperLet Prim Rental Meter (4 prims)
  • CasperLet Mesh Rental Meter (1 prim / 1 land impact)

Scripted Tools

Demonstration Items

These are provided "As-Is" with no support or warranty of functionality.

  • Demo CasperLet door
  • Demo CasperLet sign

Notecard Information

  • CasperLet Instructions


See the change log for details.