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CasperTech Ltd accepts complaints under both the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the European Copyright Directive 2001/29/EC, for both CasperVend and PrimBay.

Important: CasperTech Ltd does NOT host, provide or make available any user-provided content, we only provide an interface to systems operated by Linden Lab. For this reason, our ability to comply with copyright complaints is limited based on the fact that we cannot actually remove the content from the virtual world grid itself.

Use the report link!

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The fastest way to resolve copyright complaints related to PrimBay is the "report listing" link available on every PrimBay listing. You must be signed in to PrimBay to use this feature. This is still considered an official copyright complaint, and will be dealt with as below.

How to file a complaint

By Email

You can send us your complaint as a PDF to Please make sure it is signed.

By Fax

You can fax us your complaint at +44 (0)1223 790559. Note that this is a fax-only number and it doesn't accept calls.

By Post

You can mail your complaint to our Cambridge office:

CasperTech Ltd
St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

Note that complaints received by post may take up to 30 working days to be processed.

Essential information

You should follow the guidelines laid out by either the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or the European Copyright Directive 2001/29/EC.

However, the minimum information we require is:

  • Your real, full, legal name
  • If you are filing on behalf of a company or organisation, your company or organisation's legal name and registration number
  • Your postal address - we may write to you to verify this.
  • Your e-mail address, and if available, fax number - we will aim to correspond primarily through e-mail
  • The name of the alleged infringer (if known, company name, real name and avatar name. Just avatar name is sufficient if not).
  • An example of your original work(s) that you are claiming for
  • Links (or SLURLs) to the infringing content
  • A declaration that you own the content in question, and you understand that filing a false claim may be a criminal offence.
  • Your signature

What happens next


Providing that your complaint is legally valid, we aim to process it within 7 working days (excluding complaints received by post, see above).

In order to protect copyright holders, we may take steps to verify the provided information before accepting the takedown notice. If we reject a takedown notice for any reason, you will be notified.

We will then remove the relevant content, and notify the alleged infringer about the complaint. For severe cases, we may suspend their ability to access our systems. The takedown notice will be made available to the alleged infringer for review.


The alleged infringer then has the right to appeal against this decision (counter-notice).

Information on how to file a counter-notice can be found here.

In order to protect copyright holders, we may take steps to verify the provided information before accepting the counter-notice. If we reject a counter-notice for any reason, you will be notified.

In the event that the alleged infringer successfully files a counter-notice with us, we will restore the relevant content. We will then notify the claimant that this has happened, and all information provided by the counter-notice will be made available to the original claimant.

Postal Verification

If this is your first complaint or counter-notice, or if we otherwise see the need to perform verification, we reserve the right to send you a letter in the post with a verification code, in order to validate your details before accepting the complaint or counter-notice.