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Customised Mapping Service

Mapping customised CasperVend vendors is possible on your own by following the customisation instructions, however this is an advanced topic that requires advanced building skills, and may not be suitable for all users as a result. Because of this we do not provide technical support for customisation.

We do, however, offer a mapping customisation service - you give us the build that you want to use as a vendor (the prospective vendor object must be full perms to be able to give it back when the process is complete), and we'll map it for you and hand you back a working copy. The build must be in the same format as a CasperVend vendor (with one or more panels and a button/navigation strip), and may contain up to 13 display panels.

Cost of Mapping Service

The price of the service is L$4,500 - please contact Casper Warden directly if you are interested in having this done.