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CasperTech is a UK based technology company, not a legal firm, and it is therefore NOT CasperTech's place to interpret the laws of any country.

If you want clarification on Linden Lab's skill gaming and gambling policies, the ONLY people to ask are Linden Lab themselves, since it is THEIR policy.

Wagering Policy Info From Linden Lab

Official LL Wiki: Wagering Policy

Skill Gaming Policy Info From Linden Lab

Official blog: initial announcement
Official blog: deadline change announcement
Official blog: reminder announcement
Official blog: Update to application process
Official LL Wiki: Skill Gaming Policy
Official LL Wiki: What Does Linden Lab Consider A Skill Game?

If these Linden Lab links do not answer your question(s), you will need to log in to your SecondLife.com dashboard, and open a support ticket directly with Linden Lab to get your question(s) answered. (Don't use Livechat, they'll just tell you they can't interpret policy.)

CasperTech Products

When LL introduced their "Skill Gaming Policy", Casper had sought (and received) assurance from LL that CasperTech products (Lucky Chair, Midnight Madness, Gacha) are not affected. This is because:

a) They're not games of skill
b) They don't give out cash rewards or cash prizes
c) Lucky chair / Midnight Madness doesn't handle money at all
d) All players are awarded prizes with the Gacha, i.e there is no "chance in determining the winner".

Important note: Selling items with a cash value such as gift cards through your gacha may compromise point (d). Charging for access to a group, which is then required to use the machines, may also count as wagering. You may also have legal obligations depending on your local jurisdiction, beyond Second Life.

Case incidents

20th of October, 2014

A customer had their Midnight Madness returned to them, with LL citing a violation of the skill gaming policy. This decision was overturned, see ticket response 1 below.

25th of August, 2015

A customer had their gacha machines returned to them, due to alleged violation of the skill gaming policy. Eventually, the decision was overturned, though it took 8 ticket replies and three weeks until they made this decision. See ticket response 2 below.

Ticket Responses

This table will show all known responses to support tickets to the Lindens regarding this issue. Permission has been received to quote the information here, from the person who opened the ticket.

Response number Ticket Response Date Linden Responding Message
1 23th of October, 2014 Tommy Linden Greetings,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Midnight Madness Board that was returned to you. The board itself is not within a violation of the Terms of Service, or any Policy referenced within it. Unfortunately what did cause the violation is that in order to use it, they had to pay a fee to join a group, and then it was a chance on whether or not an item would be distributed based upon how many people signed up. The paying to access and no promise of a prize, is what makes the board a game of chance and not a game of skill.

We have since reviewed the general operating premise of this scenario, and have decided that -- given the behavior outlined above -- it is not a violation of the Terms of Service or any Policy referenced within.


Linden Lab

2 25th of August, 2015 Sparky Linden Dear, (name removed),

After reviewing your account and the information you have provided, we have removed the warning that was placed against your account for violation of the Second Life Skill Gaming policy. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kind Regards,

Sparky Linden