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CasperVend 2.0 Brings a whole new array of features and functionality to your vending system - once more pushing out the boundaries of commerce in Second Life!

Please also see our Feature List for our current featureset. For a list of changes since 2.0, see our ChangeLog.

New vendors! We've added several vendors to our range. A 13 panel mesh vendor (2 prims), a 7 panel PrimSaver vendor (3 prims), a 1 prim vendor with no controls (just a texture) - perfect for hanging clothes and many other uses, and also a headless vendor - Ideal for dropping into your furniture or objects.
Better prim cuts Our single prim vendors are now cut differently so the floating text appears above the vendor as it should.
Snazzy new design We've worked hard on making our new 2.0 suite really good looking, as well as functional. Of course, the look of all of our vendors can be completely customised.
Improved speed We've heavily optimised the way the vendors operate in many key areas, providing really snappy response times despite still only using one script per vendor.
Video playback You can now associate a video to your products, and it'll play right from the vendor! You can either host an MP4 / Quicktime movie yourself, or you can just enter a youtube URl, which will be relayed by us.
Page scrolling By popular request, our vendors can now be scrolled page by page as well as item by item.
Persistent settings All vendor settings are now saved when vendors are picked up and re-rezzed, or shift-copied, not just the product list. This also applies to affiliates - all options are available, including group discount, auto advance, the single product selector, and floating text.
Integrated affiliates All CasperVend vendors and the Mesh expansion pack are copy and trans. When handed out to someone else, they become affiliate vendors and show your products. If they are handed out in an unconfigured state, they become regular "free" vendors. As part of integrating affiliates with the main system, affiliates are now available with the free package. However, all affiliates will now charge 2% per transaction (1.0 affiliates will retain their existing pricing).
Revamped delivery system We've improved and optimised our delivery process, providing a sleek new delivery status page to go with it, and we now fully verify every payment using the new llTransferLindenDollars function (before we only verified affiliate payments).
"Demo" button We've added a demo button, which allows your customers to get a demo delivered to try the product before they buy (optional, of course).
"Help" button We've added a help button that customers can click to get a list of their recent transactions, as well as access to redeliveries, and help on using the system.
Bytecode sharing All the vendors now share the same script, meaning region resources are shared far more efficiently by the Mono engine.