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Our feature list is extensive and constantly changing!

If you don't see a feature here that you really want or need, please do a suggestion ticket in our suggestion panel - Depending on how feasible the idea is, it may be implemented sooner than you think!

Please also check out our ChangeLog for a list of our most recent and upcoming changes with each version.

All money goes directly to you. CasperVend doesn't pool or keep your money in our own account - it doesn't even go through our account. It goes directly to you.
Remote delivery CasperVend delivers items from a single DropBox, no matter where the vendor is. You can maintain and update all your products from one location!
Commission free vending Our premium vendors charge no commission on any of your sales when rezzed by you, no matter how many you use. When you give them out (so they become affiliates/franchise vendors), they charge a low fee of just 2% per sale. Our free vendors charge a flat rate of 5% per sale.
One-script design CasperVend is the only system to provide all of our vendors with only a single script. This vastly reduces lag on your region - and less lag means happier customers!
Sixteen vendor styles included Our vendors have been tailored and styles to tend to the needs of our diverse community of merchants. They're fast, stable, and look great.
Unbeatable security We were the first network to implement measures to protect our merchants against the risks of SCR-37, and were very active in lobbying Linden Lab to implement the changes to provide us with a more secure environment. We use independant security analysts to audit our network on a six monthly basis. We care about the security of your business.
Fully web-enabled All configuration of your sales network is done using our web interface. You can control your whole network, deal with customer redeliveries and check your sales stats all without logging in to Second Life.
Unbeatable delivery reliability CasperVend provides full and intuitive transaction logs available to all our merchants. Customers can see a cut-down version with sensitive information removed. This shows exactly what CasperVend is doing when processing a delivery - this provides great comfort to customers and merchants alike - everyone knows what is going on behind the scenes.
Ultra-robust network CasperTech operate multiple redundant servers and regular off-site backups to ensure that we never lose data. Your sales network will be unaffected by sim crashes, restarts, or even a server failure at our end. If one or even a few of our servers go down at the same time, others kick in and pick up the slack.
No notecard editing required We don't like notecards. All of your product configuration is done on our website - it's easy, simple, and fast.
Fully customisable vendors CasperVend vendors can be linked, unlinked, modified, or edited in any way. You can even use our simple customisation system to create your own vendors without any scripting knowledge.
Intelligent in-world redundancy CasperVend automatically finds items in your DropBoxes anywhere in Second Life. If you have multiple boxes rezzed with the same items, CasperVend will intelligently use these as backups if it can't contact others - and will load balance deliveries over them, to improve delivery speed.
Profiles Update many vendors at once in a few seconds! A profile defines which products show in your vendors, and in which order. A profile can be assigned to one or many vendors.
Groups Groups are sub-profiles, and allow you to further categorise your products for easy management
Redundant communication CasperVend uses redundant and clustered servers with multiple communication routes to Linden Lab's servers in California and Boston to ensure that sales get through to us, no matter what!
Gift purchasing Your customers can easily buy a gift for another person, just by clicking the "Gift" button. There's no need to type on a channel - customers are given an intuitive and easy to use input dialog which they can use to enter a name.
"Smart" floating text Your vendors can be configured to display "smart" floating text which will show when the vendor is in use, but disappear when the vendor hasn't been in use for a while, to help prevent unsightly malls and stores.
Auto Advance Your vendors can be set to automatically switch to the next product in the profile every 60 seconds. This automatically suspends when the vendor is in use, or when the sim is empty.
High quality reporting CasperVend provides high quality and detailed sales reporting and accounting. With our Statistics page, you can very quickly and easily see how each product, region, affiliate or your whole store is performing.
SL Marketplace Integration CasperVend has always allowed our customers to import sales from SL Marketplace into our system in realtime. This means that you can issue redeliveries and updates to your SL marketplace customers as well as your inworld vendor customers. Of course, it will also incorporate your marketplace sales statistics into your CasperVend statistics. For more info, see the Marketplace ANS Feature page.
Smart scripting Our vendors aren't the fastest by chance. We pride ourselves on the quality of our code and the difference is very noticable.
Free, lifetime updates We don't charge for upgrades. This is true for major upgrades (like 1.0 to 2.0) as well as for minor updates.
Affiliate vendors All of the CasperVend vendors are transferrable (however, expansion pack items are not transferrable). You can set a percentage, and once handed out to someone, they can sell your items easily and securely, and receive a percentage cut that you specify.
Group discounts You can give a discount to customers who are in your group. Just set the vendor to group, and set the group discount percentage on the website.
Restrict to group You can restrict a CasperVend vendor so it can only be used by group members.
Customer loyalty discounts You can give your customers a discount after they have spent a certain amount with you.
Global discounts You can easily give a discount to all of your customers by adding a loyalty discount level at a L$0 spend.
Customer balances You can give your customers a balance which gets refunded to them when they buy products.
Sound playback Our vendors can play a sound when touched, this is configurable per product.
Video & Youtube support Our vendors can play a video from your server or from youtube which is watchable inworld by your customers!
Easy updating CasperTech have developed an easy and fun updating system called the "UpgradeBee" which whizzes around and updates all your vendors for you - just rez it in each sim, touch it, and click "Update all"!
Profit sharing You can share profit with an unlimited number of other people. You can set profit shares at a vendor level, or at a product level, according to your need.
Automatic group invite support CasperVend integrates seamlessly with third party group inviter solutions from SmartBots. Using these services, you can send group invites to your customers without dropping a script into your vendors - we take care of it all!
WishLists CasperVend vendors give your customers the option of adding products they'd like to their own Wish List, and then share the link with family friends via facebook, twitter, direct link..!