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Browser Issues

Q. I get "Page cannot be displayed" in Internet Explorer when accessing CasperTech sites - how can I get this to work?
A. If you have issues accessing CasperDNS websites using Internet Explorer, your browser may be insecure. On the 2nd of October, 2013, we performed system maintenance and disabled several very old, insecure protocols. The fix is easy - press Alt+X in internet explorer. Go to Internet Options, then to Advanced, then scroll down to "Security" and make sure that "Use TLS 1.2" is ticked. (TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 will do if TLS 1.2 is not available.)
Q. What versions of Internet Explorer are supported?
A. As of October 2013, we only support versions 9.0 and up - IE8 and older do NOT support all the code used on the website. If you have IE8 or older, we highly recommend either updating to a current version, or installing Firefox or Chrome to use instead.
Q. The vendor tells me to click on a link that I must log in with. When the website comes up, it claims "no data was received".
A. If you are using Chrome, try again in "incognito" mode.
Q. The CasperVend webpage never comes up - all I see is "waiting for caspervend" messages...
A. Use instead of the old address.


Q. I made a new alt / forgot my passwoord / (etc.) - can I get a copy of CasperVend on my new avatar?
A. CasperVend is non-transferrable. Your new avatar will need to purchase a new copy.
Q. SL ate my inventory! Can I get a fresh copy?
A. Sure! Just click a redelivery terminal and get it redelivered. If you use the one at the CasperTech store all the CasperTech purchases (including CasperVend) will be sorted to the top.

Configuration Issues

Q. I reset / updated my vendors, but I'm not getting ANY debit perm windows!
A. Check the following things:
  • Your mute list (make sure you and/or your vendors aren't muted)
  • Check your viewer's spam protection settings, if any
  • If you're on Firestorm, you may need to relog to see them (known Firestorm issue)
  • If you're on Firestorm (or other V3 style viewers), and have been ignoring notifications, you may have TOO many built up. (When you don't read them, they accumulate for your next login session.) The Firestorm team have a fix on their wiki, look for the "Firestorm Logs Out During Login" section at the top.
Q. How do I fill vendors?
A. The vendors *themselves* don't get filled - the included Dropbox is where all your products go. The dropbox sends data to the website, and then you configure your vendors via the website to list specific products or (using profiles) sets of products. See the detailed setup page for details on how this is done.
Q. If I stretch / resize my vendors, will they still work?
A1. Yes, it doesn't matter what size the vendor is, as long as all the buttons map correctly.
A2. You can also change the shape, just remember to go through the instructions in the customization section to remap all the buttons and vendor image panels correctly.
Q. I rezzed out my 2.x vendor, gave it permissions, but now it's all gray!
A. This can happen for one of two reasons:
1) Incorrect "MAPPING" configuration card
2) Vendor is set to a profile with no products
(If scripts are OFF and the vendor cannot work, you will NOT get a debit window, message, OR change in vendor textures. If you have muted yourself, you won't get a debit window or message either.)
Q. I have gotten the vendor system started, added products to it, but it won't let me show more than one product - it keeps saying "selected singled product" - why won't it show multiple products?
A. You selected just one of your products in the "single product" pulldown menu. Go back to the configuration page, and select "None" - then you should be able to select a PROFILE with several products higher up on that page.
Q. Why are my textures not rezzing right / overlapping with other textures?
A1. Most likely reason: You have an alpha layer in the image, even if the picture doesn't have any visibly transparent areas. You can fix this by saving out the texture, loading it up in GIMP, photoshop or other image editor of your choosing,and saving it out as a NON-alpha version (24bit / "for the web" / remove alpha layer / etc. depending on your graphics software options.)
If you're uncertain of how to do that when saving as a PNG or TGA, then save it as a JPG instead - JPG doesn't support alpha layers.
A2. Casper Warden writes: "the biggest gotchya with image uploads are png's with alpha... Photoshop saves png's with alpha even when there's actually no transparent areas on the image, which causes alpha sorting issues inworld and also causes the caspervend preview images to not show. This can be fixed by using File -> Save to web, and unticking "Transparency" "
Q. I changed my vendor product image textures, and deleted the outdated ones from the dropbox. But they still show up in the list on the website, littering the list of textures. Is there a way to delete all textures from web database that are not present in any dropbox anymore?
A. Rez the latest DropBox UpgradeBee and use the "Check All" function at all your vendor (and dropbox) locations - the website thinks there's still something inworld that's using the old textures.
Q. The website has the correct price, and when I click info the price is correct, but the hovertext and pay options both say "0".
A. Any of the following:
1) Are scripts on in the parcel?
2) Is the vendor rezzed under the land group, if applicable?
3) Did you try resetting the vendor?
4) Did you give it a L$ price on the product listing on the website?
Q. The website won't let me edit my product entry! Help!
A1. Check and make sure the texture you originally used FOR that product is in the dropbox. If not, put it back in, or put in an updated texture. Then, set the product to that texture on the website, click save, and THEN it should let you update the rest of the entry.
A2. Alternately, you should now be able to use the UUID of the image on the website, rather than depending on keeping the texture in the dropbox. (this will free up dropbox space too!)
Q. How do I change how my vendors "talk" in local chat?
A1. There's a "verbosity" setting on the vendor configuration screen, this controls what your vendor does and doesn't say in local chat. The available options are Silent, Whisper, Say, and Shout. In "Silent" mode, the only thing it says in local chat is the blurb with price, permissions, and a description (if you filled out the description field) when the customer clicks for information about the product.
Q. Since the variants feature rolled out, and I've been converting some products over to being variants, I noticed the statistics page has a lot of "v2" in place of the product name. Will the statistics page will list the variant product name or just that "v2"?
A. You see "v2" when you delete products to convert them to variants, and have sales from those products that were deleted.

General Issues

Never EVER deed vendors to a group! They will not work!
Q. I deleted a product because it was having problems, but it's still showing on my vendors!
A1. Don't do that again. Use the "retire" option in the product listing (yes, it works!) instead to remove it from your active product list. Deleting products also removes all sales history, and prior customers will be unable to redeliver the product.
A2. Deleted products must be manually removed from all of the profiles that it's in - it won't happen automatically.
A3. If you didn't use the product in a profile, but have it in the "default" category, then edit any OTHER product that you have allowed in the "default" cateogry, and save. This will force a rebuild of the "default" profile category product list, and the deleted product should then vanish.
Q. I'm getting a "The server reported a failure. I'm going to try again in 2 minutes (or touch to try again now)" message and the vendor won't start up...
A. You have an old 1.x vendor. These were decommissioned in May 2013. You need to replace the vendor with one from an updated pack. (Or, if you got an affiliate pack, you need to tell the merchant that their vendors are too old.)
Q. I'm getting a "HTTP URL is empty" message, what do I do?
A. The sim/region you are on is out of URL's. The only remedy is to restart the sim/region.
Q. Product and texture are in the dropbox. Product listing is set up correctly. Profile is set up correctly. (Also if applicable - product with proper tracking script is in holovendor) However, product is still not showing on vendor.
A. Make a small edit to the product - add a space in the name, for example - and click 'save". This will tell the website to update all vendors that are supposed to be showing that product (or the profile containing that product) and it should then show up.
Q. Why can't I use the in-viewer built-in browser?
A. Casper Warden writes: "The built-in browser is pretty terrible - I wouldn't recommend using it, ever. It trims URL's, doesn't render javascript properly, and is generally broken."
Q. I just hired on a store manager and added them on the webpage as my CSR. Are they now able to log into that page with their own account or do I need to share my account details with them in order for them to assist customers?
A. CasperVend does NOT support manager activity at this time. The CSR box only sets the person as a point of contact for your store. They cannot do anything IN the caspervend system for YOUR products unless you share the login details and they log in as you.
(Should you choose to do that, remember that it IS a huge security risk, as you've essentially given them full permissions on your CasperVend web account by giving them your login details...CasperTech does NOT recommend doing this for that reason.)
Q. I want to add a customer service webpage URL, or multiple CSR's, instead of a single avatar - can I do this?
A. As of 19 May, 2013, yes you can! The webpage will warn you that what you entered is not a valid single avatar account name, but it will STILL display what you have entered to the customer, just without any links. If you only put a single avatar account name in, the website will still give a profile link, as per usual.
Q. My vendors all say "Back in __ minutes" - what does that mean?
A1. Casper Warden writes: "It means your region just restarted. The vendor startup is staggered by a random time between 0 and 10 minues, so that we don't have 10,000 vendors hitting the server at once."
A2. You should upgrade your vendors - v2.10 and forward do not give this message anymore.
Q1. Is it normal to see TWO of all my products in the website listings?
Q2. When I go to the website and go to make a new product, I see TWO of everything I added to the dropbox...
A. Casper did a fix for this issue on 11 September, 2012. Check your listings again if you haven't looked at them since then. If it's still not fixed, send an IM to Casper Warden - if he's offline, fill out the form at the link you get back a couple minutes later in his autoresponse message.
Q. Why do vendors disappear from the website?
A1. Casper Warden writes: "it's normal for vendors to sometimes disappear from the list. Second Life is a noisy and unreliable platform, sometimes sims go dark (Stop accepting incoming connections) and that will cause us to toggle the vendors offline. Don't worry, it won't affect your sales - the vendors will come back online as soon as they are used."
A sim/region "going dark" will still be ONLINE inworld, and accessible to avatars - just not talking to the outside world.
A2.If you need to configure a vendor that's not currently in the list, simply click the logo area (this is the "admin" button) on the vendor inworld and it'll take you to its configuration page on the CasperVend website.


Q. I'm getting the message: "The price paid does not match any of the pay buttons set for this object" - why??
A. Casper Warden: This happens when you have linked multiple vendors together, or you have the CasperVend2 script in something that is not the root prim of the vendor.
Q. I'm getting a Second Life: Payment stopped: the price paid does not match any of the pay buttons set for this object message, but I'm USING the pay buttons!
A. See Payment Stopped
Q. I'm getting this message: "Just a moment, please..We're just waiting for confirmation from our payment partners VirWox to reach us. Won't be long!"
A. When the customer pays via any method that doesn't involve inworld Lindens, it must be processed by a linden dollar reseller. In this example, that reseller is VirWox. Unfortunately, any delay on their end is outside of CasperTech's control - you'll just have to be patient until they process (or eventually reject) the payment method for that transaction.

Website-Specific Issues

Q. When I visit the webpage, I get a message that says "UNABLE TO LOAD LOCAL DATA FILE, PLEASE REINSTALL"...
A. That's a Google Chrome error, nothing to do with CasperTech websites.
Q. I'm trying to add new items on the webpage, but it's not loading that page...
A. If you are getting the "loading items" spinner continuously, this is a common issue caused by some malware which modifies javascript and prevents it from working right. You can remove the faulty plugin that causes the problem, if you know what it is, OR you can work around it by using google Chrome in "Incognito" mode.
Q. I'm trying to change a product and it's not giving me a popup.
A. Turn on javascript. You may have it off in an addon that blocks javascript (many adblocker utilities do this) by default.
Q. But I already updated Java!
A. This is JavaSCRIPT, not Java - they are two different scripting languages that unfortunately sound more related than they actually are.
Q. I've got a customer with an error on PrimBay - Error code E2BK - what do I tell them?
A1. Casper Warden: That error is a JSON parse error.
A2. They may be using a web browser that doesn't support JSON.
Q. What the heck IS this JSON anyway?
A. JSON = JavaScript Object Notation. It is used primarily to transmit data between a web server and web application, as an alternative to XML. JSON is part of what makes the CasperTech family of websites work.

Ooops! I Accidentally...

  • If you accidentally deleted vendors via edit-delete, just run an upgradebee with "Check All" function on the affected sim/region.
  • If you accidentally deleted dropbox(es) via edit-delete just run the DROPBOX upgradebee with "Check All" function on the affected sim/region.
  • You can also run a web scan (from the vendors page) to flush all non-contactable vendors from the list.

Other FAQ's

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