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As of 26 June, 2013, you can now add a listing for YOUR inworld business to the CasperTech Business Directory!

This option is open to all CasperTech customers. To do this, please carefully follow these steps:

Recommended Information to Include in Your Listing

  • Your grid account name
  • Your grid business name
  • Which grid(s) your business is on (since CasperTech is on Avination as well as Second Life)
  • Do you have affiliate/franchise vendors available? If so, where can interested parties get a set?
  • Link for Marketplace store, if any
  • Inworld SLURL (or requivalent) for inworld business location (You want customers to arrive, don't you?)
  • General informational blurb about your business.
NOTE: Remember you are not creating a grid-based classified ad - do not populate it primarily with keywords and nothing else. This is a promotional item for your business that is designed to be read by people, not machines.

How To Create a New Wiki Page

1) Go to the Main Page.
2) Log in. (You use your credentials for the wiki.)
If you need to create a CasperDNS account, you can do so with the instructions on the passwords page
3) Creating a page must be done in the following manner:
  • Copy this link:
  • Paste that link into your browser's address bar - do NOT hit enter yet!
  • Change the "YOUR_PAGE_NAME" portion of the link to a name better suited for your inworld business.
Spaces are ok, but please do NOT use punctuation, just to prevent any possible formatting issues. You can use any desired punctuation with the name in the BODY of the page.
If it's not a number, a letter or a space, it's punctuation. This includes &, ', !, ^ and so on.
  • Now hit enter.
4) You'll be taken to a page with the title that you changed "YOUR_PAGE_NAME" to, along with a notation about it not being created yet. This is normal wiki behavior.
5) Click the "Edit this page" link. You'll be taken to an edit page. There are "WYSIWYG" capabilities available on this edit page so you don't need to know wiki markup coding.
6) Input the information about your business.
7) If desired you may upload images on the Special Upload page and add them to your listing.
8) When complete, click "save".
Note: If nothing happens, or you get a message about "loss of session data", turn on Javascript (Not "Java" but "javascript") and try again.

Help with Wiki markup

For wiki markup references, you can see these pages: