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Tweenster is a mesh body for kid and teen AVs created by Meshmerized and scripted by CasperTech.


The AlphaAI feature is supported by external servers. See GDPR for data protection information.


Please contact Meshmerized for support with this product. They will refer any scripting issues to us.

Contact McKenzieKy Resident in-world, or join the Meshmerized group.

Known Issues

See Known Issues


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Q. Is there still a male & female body? I just see one body.
A. Yes there is, the body is now combined for easy switching, Go to your alpha menu and choose the gender from the top two buttons.
Q. The STOP button in the hands menu doesn't work?!
A. The stop button is only effective if you have other non-Tweenster Bento hand animations playing (like a hand animator HUD or something).
Q. When I go in LL water I turn white, why?
A. This is due to the Alpha masking from the clothing layer, simply click the "CLR CLOTHING" button on your main menu.
Q. My neck/fader seems too big for my head, why?
A. This is most likely due to you wearing a male shape , Tweenster works with a female base shape only.
Q. Where's the UUID button on the hud?
A. There's no longer a UUID on the HUD , we have now included a Tweenster applier kit , within your update folder. Simply wear your applier, and in the same folder there's a Notecard called UUID, paste your texture UUID's onto there, drop it into the applier and click. ( Diffuse = Your texture , Normal = Bump Texture & Specular = Specualr)
Q. Is there an updated auto alpha script?
A. Yes! You will find all creator tools in the creator kit , in your update folder.
Q. What heads work for Tweenster?
A. The default SL head works perfectly fine! but if you're wanting to be more up to date with all SL's latest! then any female bento head will work fine. I recommended Catwa if you don't have a low budget : ( There's shapes that work with Catwa Catya in Meshmerized for free ) OR if you are on a lower budget : is highly recommended also.
Q. Why is there no Non Fitted version anymore?
A. We decided to get rid of this version due to it not being used hardly in comparison to Fitted which gives you more unique possibilities for your shape. Also creators were not liking making a Fitted & Non Fitted version so tended to just make for the fitted (mostly) Though I know some did make for Non Fitted, you can always keep using previous Tweenster versions for when you want to wear those.
Q. I don't like the AlphaAI/Auto Alpha/ Wet look, can I turn them off?
A. Yes , If you go to the main menu of your HUD and choose options, you can turn them off there.
A. This is due to a bad alpha state, in the meantime while we fix this....The workaround is to switch to female / back to male, SAVE an alpha preset, then LOAD it.