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Tweenster v3.03 Known Issues

The following issues have already been repaired for the next release:

  • When clearing alphas on the chest area, the nipples become untinted. The workaround is to save and re-apply your skin to fix this.
  • Auto Alpha glitches with some alpha segments
  • Omega "bra" layer is not saved with the tattoos
  • The tweenster applier doesn't apply nails (it works, but you have to save and load your skin for them to appear).
  • AlphaAI was monitoring attachments on the head and face (like hair, nose studs, etc), which was unnecessary.

Tweenster v3.02 Known Issues

The following issues were identified in Tweenster V3.02 and have been fixed in 3.03.

  • The right hand "point" anim sometimes gets stuck
  • Some remaining issues with the female chest re-appearing when it shouldn't

Tweenster v3.01 Known Issues

The following issues were identified in Tweenster V3.01 and have been fixed in 3.02.

  • Some female clothing not fitting

Tweenster v3 Known Issues

The following issues were identified in Tweenster V3 and have been fixed in 3.01.

  • We've had one instance of a body repeatedly reverting to Female mode due to a bad alpha state. The workaround is to switch to female / back to male, SAVE an alpha preset, then LOAD it.
  • There's a cube on the pelvis which was supposed to be shrunk for release. It doesn't cause any problems though
  • The toenail buttons on the hud are swapped for left/right
  • The omega script spams chat every time the body is worn
  • The gloss bar should output the % gloss when clicked
  • The RGB option under Tint says "Red Blue Green" in the example when it should be "Red Green Blue"
  • The body comes with the clothing layer enabled, which goes white underwater. It should auto-clear clothes when first worn.
  • The "FEET" quick-alpha button does not hide nails
  • Complaints that the feet look too slanted
  • Clothing - When a shirt is applied, the bottom layer comes back also
  • The tweenster applier doesn't apply materials
  • The tweenster applier doesn't have an option for nails
  • The alpha segments on the hud sometimes disappear
  • The button at the bottom of the alpha hud is not visible enough
Artifacts when the HUD is minimised

Artifacts in minimised mode

When the HUD is in "minimised" mode there are sometimes some tiny pixels visible on the screen (artifacts).

This is not unique to Tweenster (also visible on the HUD by TMP, for example).

We try to minimise this as much as possible, but some may still experience it.

Explanation for nerds

The small pixels are a result of floating point errors in the shader. The planes on the HUD should be perfectly rotated away from the screen so you can't see them, but due to a very small mathematical error, sometimes the shader renders a single pixel).

To fix this we'll need to either move or alpha every single link on the HUD when the hud is minimised and restored, which will slow it down significantly, especially on heavily loaded regions.