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Business Information

De Baza is a small sole-proprietorship run by Sphynx Soleil in the virtual world of Second Life. Products feature a range of quirky, vintage and macabre items ranging from home & garden products, prefab buildings, general decor, furniture, and other things, and new products are released occasionally.
Since 2011, De Baza has used the CasperVend system to operate and manage all inworld sales. This allows both gifting and redeliveries of both inworld AND Marketplace purchases.

Where to Purchase De Baza Products

Online Shopping:
De Baza @ SL Marketplace
De Baza @ PrimBay
Inworld locations:
Check my inworld profile for current location.

CasperTech Compatible Products Sold by De Baza

The current selection of products compatible with CasperVend are:

  • CasperVend Retro Legacy Vendors
  • CasperVend Retro Legacy HoloVends
  • CasperVend Retro Legacy DIY (for vendor versions v1.5 and older only)
  • Mesh Datacenter Server Rack

Mesh versions of these packs are in progress, but are not yet ready for release. For more information, see the CasperVend Retro page.

Check the Third Party Creator Showcase at the CasperTech store inworld to see what's currently available.