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CasperVend Retro - Other Accessories

Non-vendor accessories built with CasperVend in mind.

Datacenter Server Rack

I created this product simply because I wanted my dropboxes to look like a server rack seen in most datacenters, and I put it up for sale because I thought others - especially those with large stores - might want something like this too.

Each rack server in the pack is 1 prim - just like the CasperTech DropBox - and unscripted (because the DropBox script is no-transfer) but DOES include a label face/panel on the front so you can add a label texture.

Instructions (and mesh model example with colored faces) are included in the shipping crate for this product.

CasperVend Retro - Legacy Versions

Legacy versions use legacy prims, not mesh. These versions are still configured to be as low impact as possible on the land you rez them on.

All versions ship with notecard instructions. This page is just a general overview.

CasperVend Retro Legacy vendors may be purchased inworld in the CasperTech Creator Showcase

Retro Legacy Vendors

These vendors ship ready to use with your copy of CasperVend - script included.

Included in the crate is an unscripted DropBox shell, so if you want to have yours match the vendors, you can just unpack your current DropBox and drop the contents in this one.

Retro Legacy Holovends

Requirements: You must already have a copy of Casper's HoloVend set in order to get the script. (Holovend scripts are no-transfer, so they cannot be included in the Retro crate.)

These are vendor shells - unscripted - but each with a correct mapping card so that all you need to do is drop in a copy of the holovend script from your own copy of CasperVend HoloVend, grant permissions, and load your product holo demos.

Retro Legacy DIY

This is simply a notecard with instructions for converting your old v1.5 or older vendors to use the 2.x vendor script.

You must already have the 1.x vendors in order to use these instructions!

CasperVend Retro - Mesh Versions

Mesh versions are currently in progress. Watch this space to be updated when changes happen!