Xtreem Dynamics (XD)

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Xtreem Dynamics (XD) brings high quality designs to Second Life. We create vehicles, furniture with high quality animation, Airport building tools as well as running many inWorld projects like the XD Airport at Klein, XD Yacht club with its three location and the XD Club. We offer yacht/boat slips and land rentals in our yacht club and in various sims in the main land. We design different lines of cars that is used for drag racing, drifting or just cruising around in SL. We offer a variety of models that span classic, sport, luxury and muscle cars. All cars are scripted with the most advanced scripts in SL and include so many features so that you can enjoy your drive in SL. Our modern furniture designs reflects the elegance and luxury that that you would expect from our design house. We use the best animations, we ensure the highest quality and provide the best customer service.