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X-Clusives Animations ...

  • Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of Second Life.
  • Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).
  • Has been in business for over 5 years and continues to grow!
  • Has a main store covering 2 Full Sims. Including "Lovers Empire & Outdoor".
  • Has over 15,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.
  • Is competitively priced, with numerous weekly specials, discounts, in-store hunts, a Special of the Month, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give aways.
  • Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.
  • Has 30+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, with numerous languages represented.
  • Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.
  • Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.
  • Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

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